Title: Aztlán Life Extension Foundation, 2002

Artist: Armando Rascón

Exhibition Dates:
Sept. 7, 2002 – Feb. 8, 2003

. . . offering an alternative path towards extending life thru the alchemy of spirit and science, cryogenics dare to explore the possibility of a second life by instantly freezing the human body at point of departure in the hope that some future breakthrough in the field of medical bio-chemical practices shall allow the body to be re-awakened and brought back to life once more . . . here at the AztlánLifeExtensionFoundation we hold firm to the belief that the meaning of life is contained in the struggle, and that true faith may be constructed daily through mediation + direct action, a proactive stance that holds the individual accountable to him or herself . . . . it is in these warm moving bodies that contain us that we navigate thru the spectral range of social temperatures --from boiling to freezing-- that position our world view relative to that of our immediate neighbor . . . it is within these elastic semi-porous membranes we call skin that we may experience the zenith of erotic pleasure and the proclivity for higher intelligence relative to peaceful co-existence alongside a known prevalence in our species for violence and wanton disrespect for the perceived rights of other humans in the species, a prevalence that extends to the violent destruction of habitats and eco-biospheres that sustain us . . . our Foundation seeks to explore the intersection between progressive biological practices and age-old spiritual healing, the substance of which provides an inner protective membrane to ward against all manner of external piracy and invasive intrusion by forces beyond known phenomena . . . the AztlánLifeExtensionFoundation has established chapters in all of the major urban centers throughout Aztlán and has been programmed into communities as far afield as Silver Springs, Maryland, thanks to institutions of higher learning . . . . intermittently, expect to hear from us with news and local interest stories that cover our panethnic roots in simple yet amazing ways . . . as for the research, it is infinite and the fieldwork ongoing . . . every link in the chain a miracle in the making. Elsewhere on this site we have provided a glimpse into the lives + afterlifes of two Norteño santitos that hold forth in Aztlán. We have it on good authority that they are especially watchful of the lives of undocumented border crossers who travel great distances through desert terrain by foot, packing nothing more than hope and a lifetime of faith. To their courage we say ¡salud! And to you we simply thank you for tuning in. Always remember, remain faithful and respect life.