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Consuelo Jimenez-Underwood
Tortilla Meets Tortilla Wall and the Pacific Ocean documentation of performance
Illegal Entry
4/22/2006 - 6/24/2006
Illegal Entry aimed at manifesting the multifaceted perspectives, artwork, and documentation of a group of artists led by Robin Lasser, Professor of Photography at San José State University, in October 2005, to investigate issues surrounding the San Diego County/Tijuana border. Participating Artists: Consuelo Jimenez-Underwood, Robin Lasser, Valerie Mendoza, Adrienne Pao, and Nora Raggio.
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Illegal Entry <2006>
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<i>Mrs. Homeland Security </i>
live performance on opening night <b>Robin Lasser and Adrien Pao</b>
<i>Mrs. Homeland Security</i>
Documentation of a performance at the Tijuana border <b>Valerie Mendoza</b>
<i>Different, Naturally</i>
A project in which the artist ran soil, air, and water samples from both sides of the border in order to determin their molecular differences. wall tapestry using the iconic "Caution" image found on the Mexico US border
<i> Tortilla Meets Tortilla Wall and the Pacific Ocean</i>
documentation of performance