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Digital Mural Project: Robert Karimi & Conchita Villalba
1/20/2001 - 3/23/2001

Robert Karimi, an Iranian-Guatemalteco graphic designer and performance poet, and Conchita Villalba, a graphic designer, video artist, and community arts activist of Chinese and Mexican descent, teamed up to bring to the surface the history of racial profiling against Asian and Latino communities by law enforcement agencies in the U.S.

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Justice is in the Eye of the Beholder Robert Karimi and Conchita Villalba traced the origin of racial profiling of Latinos and Asians from the legalized mistreatment of immigrants, such as in the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, Japanese internment camps, and the deportation of unwanted braceros (Mexican migrant farm workers) to the current wave of "discretionary power" used by police forces around the country. If unjust practices of racial profiling continues, the artists say, "We will end up like the figures on our billboard: stuck in the crosshairs of the hunter, waiting for our eminent fate." —John Leaños Digital Mural Curator 1999-2003