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Exhibition: "Beautiful Trash: The Lost Library"
7/14/2012 - 8/4/2012

Galeria de la Raza is proud to present Beautiful Trash: The Lost Library, a solo exhibition of mixed-media works by Adrian Arias.

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In this new summer exhibition, artist Adrian Arias imagines a post-apocalyptic and synthetic world only mere decades from now. In the year 2086, civilization has changed tremendously. There are no trees, books, or even natural water, and an enormous island-continent made of plastic has arrived to the coast of California.

The land form contains an entity called “The Lost Library,” a series of altered books, totems, and strange manufactured packages that represent customs and a mythology acquired during the time when plastic was born, grew, and expanded across the planet to the point of changing the world both socially and culturally. The books displayed praise for plastic at the beginning of the XXI century through an aesthetic perspective. These works seem to have an inherent ecological and social charge that was never revealed or exposed as is, since the “unknown artist” - who many believe to be Arias - was not a social advocate but rather a misunderstood poet of the absurd.

This exhibition contains altered books, “sustenance” packages, totems, and large photographs that evoke a world of secrets and allegories. Plastic, a predecessor of everything society enjoys today as indestructible objects, is displayed in hopes to recover a time after the crisis borne by the extermination of hundreds of species of animals and vegetables.

About the project: In 2010, Arias was an artist-in-residence at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, where "Beautiful Trash" was first conceived conceptually with a series of objects and ephemeral art pieces. He used found objects to recycle its content and purpose, creating boxes, book objects, clothes, doors, drawings, and photographs as a result. The finished project at Galeria de la Raza also coincides with a book release BT: The Lost Library , about the futuristic vision in art and society.

About the artist: The 2086 exhibition’s unknown artist (previously known as Adrian Arias in 2012) has an extensive body of work in the realm of video installation. An American-Peruvian award-winning poet, visual artist, curator and cultural promoter, Arias lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. His visual art, similar to his poetry, explores the absurd, sensuality of elements, and connection between reality and dreams. He has participated in international exhibitions in individual and collective shows in Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Peru and the U.S. His four published volumes of poetry are award-winning books in Peru and Argentina including Habits (1984),Dreams & Paranoia (1996), Divine Punishment (1999), and 26-10-2028 (2000), as well as a collection of limited special editions from all his poetry readings.

Arias’s work has also been exhibited at important events such as Strange Room Found In A Library, a multidisciplinary-installation with live fish at the First Iberoamerican Biennial in Peru (1997), and as part of the Poetry Bunker at the 49th Biennial of Venice (2001) with his dress-poem-installation Curiosity.

Exhibition opens Saturday, July 14, 2012
Opening reception - 8:08 pm
Members’ preview - 7 pm
Special futuristic flamenco performance by La Tania

Book release Saturday, August 4, 2012
In conjuction with closing party - 8:08pm
As part of August’s edition of MAPP programming 

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