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Beyond Boundaries: Recent Work by Enrique Chagoya
8/20/1996 - 10/5/1996
A solo exhibition featuring recent work created by Enrique Chagoya. The exhibit continued Galería’s 1996 series The Year of the Immigrant, which examined the issue of immigration in depth and from multiple Latino/a perspectives.
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Beyond Boundaries: Recent Work by Enrique Chagoya <1996>
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Curatorial Statement

The work in this exhibition is from the perspective of an artist whose vision travels beyond boundaries. Chagoya’s work creates its own reality, by appropriating images from their given contexts and re-imagining them into this world. His work is dark and funny, and it thwarts the powers-that-be—whether those powers be state governors, la migra, or even the unquestioned stereotypes in our own minds—with acid sarcasm and a lucid complexity.

Recently, immigrants like Chayoga have been assailed by the media, and by many politicians. This denigration has prompted Galería de la Raza to declare 1996 The Year of the Immigrant, and to schedule visual arts exhibitions which examine the immigration issue in depth and from a range of Latina/o perspectives. Beyond Boundaries is the fifth exhibition in this series—a series which has proven both enlightening and rewarding. Through The Year of Immigrant, we have come to know more intimately the histories and dreams of our neighbors and colleagues. The Year of the Immigrant is reflective of Galería de la Raza’s ongoing commitment to using artistic talent and eloquent voices from within Latina/o culture to build visual knowledge of and foster dialogue about the culture.

Enrique Chagoya and Guillermo Gomez-Peña, who provides the text for the exhibition brochure, are two of these eloquent voices. Given the histories of these two artists, it is appropriate that Gomez- Peña write counterpoint to Chagoya’s images. Here are two artists of the same generation, of almost parallel lives, who left Mexico DF—home—to embrace Califas and the Chicano experience. Two “Chilangos”, examining two cultures so intertwined, that one culture could not exist without the other. Chagoya thoughtfully and sardonically documents his findings in paintings and prints, with his ironic and humorous use of comic book-heroes and villains, martyred santos figures, and appropriated images from our past and present… Gomez- Peña documents his observations with words and performances, as he combines characters from our religious and spiritual mythologies and traditions.

Both artists go beyond cultural and contextual boundaries as they examine and magnify the many layers of so-called “otherness” with a satirical spin. As Chayoga has written “The greatest challenge is re-inventing what America is. The collision of cultural galaxies is so rich.”

Gloria Jaramillo, Executive Director