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Atlas(t): A Mapping Expedition/Exhibition
2/3/2001 - 3/31/2001
Members of ReGeneration, Galería's emerging artists program collaborated with their Asian counterparts at Kearny Street Workshop-Next to assemble a fresh series of art events. The centerpiece of this collaboration was atlas(t), a 35-artist exhibition of new multimedia art. The project was curated by Jaime Cortez, Claire Light and a curatorial team from KSW-Next and Galería. Artists include e-mael, Micheal Arcega, Jim Coi, Jaime Cortez, Wei Ming Dariotis, Tony de Carlo, Vikki del Rosario, Richard godinez, mariana Jimenez, Claire Light, Pang Hui Lim, Brian Locicero, Alma Lopez, Jason Luz, Varonica Majano, Enrique Andrade & Mario Lemos, Jorge Natividad, Lark Pien, Kathryn Pinto, Jesus Quintero, Jose Luiz Rodriguez, Anthony Salgado, Alexandra Blum & the SF Print Collective, Robynn Takayama, Conchita Villalba, Jean Yi and Marilyn Yu.
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Atlas(t): A Mapping Expedition/Exhibition <2001>
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Atlas(t): A Mapping Expedition/Exhibition from Asian/Pacific/Latino Artists
by Jaime Cortez and Claire Light

“Geography and space are always gendered, always raced, always economical and always sexual. The textures that bind them together are daily re-written through a word, a gaze, a gesture.”
Irit Rogoff

We usually see maps as objective tools, not subjective views. In planning a collaboration between Asian Pacific American and Latino(a) artists, we entered the space where our communities overlap. From this vantage point, we were able to examine closely where our communities intersect and where they do not. Geography came to us as the best metaphor for this collaborative process. Mapping, then, is the theme of this exhibition.

Through atlas(t), the emerging artists programs of Galería De La Raza {(Re)Generation Program)} and Kearny Street Workshop {KSW-Next} propose new geographies from APA/Latino perspectives. Our collaboration on an exhibition, a billboard and performances serves as an atlas, mapping the spaces we occupy as communities and individuals. We re-imagine our space in terms of our history and experience; we rededicate landmarks, monuments and symbols; we redistribute San Francisco’s center of Gravity. Our cartography is openly political, irreverent and direct.

We are on a mapping expedition. Our mapmakers do not pretend to cool objectivity. We map familial migrations, death, the demilitarized zone between the Koreas and within San Francisco, physical desire, the encroachment of multi-national corporations on far-flung communities, bathroom graffiti, NATO bombings in the former Yugoslavia, the “whitening” of a single artist, home. When you step into our atlas, you step into our world, filled with the surprising intersections, borders and contested zones of our experiences. At last.

Participating Artists:
Enrique Andrade, Michael Arcega, Noel Benoza, Alexandra Blum, Melvin Escoto Butel, Jim Choi, Jaime Cortez, Wei Ming Dariotis, Tony de Carlo, Vikki del Rosario, emael, Richard Godinez, Mariana Jimenez, robertkarimi, Annie Koh, Mario Lemos, Claire Light, Pang Hui Lim, Alma López, Jason Luz, Ray Madarong, Veronica Majano, Noelia Mendoza, Jorge Natividad, Lark Pien, Kathryn Pinto, Chuy Quintero, Iraya Robles, José Luis Rodríguez, Anthony Salgado, Students of Horace Mann MS, Robynn ‘nonogirl’ Takayama, Conchita Villalba, Dan Wu, Jean Yi, and Marilyn Yu.