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C_Scape: Sites of Cultural (Ex)Change
1/24/2004 - 3/27/2004
"C_Scape" featured artists whose works explore the (ex)change of cultural information in the context of contemporary urban life. It presents work by Charles Beronio (USA), François Boucher (Colombia), Paco Cao (Spain), Claudia Joskowicz (Bolivia), Carlos Lersundy (Colombia), and Mario Ybarra Jr. (USA). Curated by Deborah Cullen (Museo del Barrio, NYC) and Carolina Ponce de León.
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Sites of Cultural (Ex)Change

C_Scape: Sites of Cultural (Ex)Change explores the conceptual, physical, and virtual landscapes that form when we cross cultural borders. Whether we are walking down the streets of the contemporary metropolis, navigating through cyberspace, surfing TV channels or uttering Spanglish transgressions of linguistic barriers, we are constantly challenged to make sense of and manipulate an eclectic array of cultural signs so that we don’t feel like strangers in our own cities, languages and histories. We perpetually re-adjust our mental map as the city re-purposes or demolishes old buildings while sprouting new ones. We assume various identities online. We adjust our walk as we move from one cultural moment to another on a ten foot span of sidewalk. Our daily negotiations with cultural differences are so constant as to be almost invisible, a true Matrix scenario.

What is lost and found in the translation and (ex)change of information across these borders? How do we negotiate shared space and memory when our accounts of place, belonging and becoming differ so broadly? The works in C_Scape open passageways to and from the other side.

C_Scape is the first of a series of exhibitions entitled "Contrabando" [Smuggled Goods]. Through this series, Galería invites a guest curator to develop a low-budget, high-quality exhibition that potentially fits in a suitcase, as a response to the increasing budget cuts, particularly in the state of California. Through this collaborative effort, Galería intends to continue presenting potent and meaningful programming.