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Digital Mural Project: Artemio Rodríguez and John Jota Leaños
5/26/2009 - 6/18/2009
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Galería's digital Mural project presents a representation of a customized 1968 Chevy Impala, El Muertorider, which pays homage to the complex and innovative history of cruising and lowriding in California with a "Dead Lowrider" designed by artists Artemio Rodríguez and John Jota Leaños. Produced in the tradition of the Day of the Dead celebration, the work commemorates the victims of Hurricane Katrina as well as those lives lost at war. The work also offers social commentary on the policing and silencing of grassroots cruising culture in California rooted in a colonial past rooted in distinctive travel routes from El Camino Real (US 101), the Transcontinental Railroad to Route 66. The fully functioning mobile art installation includes four animations from the New Media Opera, Imperial Silence that plays on the LCD movie screen in the car as well as radio programs from ¡Radio Muerto!, a specially curated radio dial with content from dozens of artists, writers, youth, and everyday Californians.