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Utari Blackbox
  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Current Exhibition: "TRACES" <2013>
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Utari Blackbox

Utari Blackbox (Jalisco) – Blackbox is an entrepreneurial program developed by Gustavo Fricke to facilitate the appreciation of traditional Mexican craft through contemporary design. Developed in Oaxaca in 2004, the company has collaborated with a variety of communities to create an innovative handcraft industry. Every product is unique, builds on traditional form and experiments with new ideas. Utari Blackbox developed by Gustavo Fricke and Raquel de Anda, is an offshoot of the program and has a specific aim of building cultural preservation of the Wixárika (Huichol). The project emerged as a response to threats that are currently being faced by the Wixárika, such as market saturation, environmental blight and cultural eradication. The Wixárika are revered as an indigenous culture that has resisted colonization and acknowledge a coexistence with nature through an intricate spiritual cosmology - a wisdom which is deeply embedded in their elaborate art forms. Through various methods of collaboration, Utari Blackbox seeks to translate a portion of this knowledge into a line of contemporary, design-based objects that will be made available in diverse markets.

From January-June 2013, Fricke and de Anda developed stage one of the project, consisting of a series of workshops with rural and urban artisans to develop a plan for collaborating on a line of objects. The methods were built on Blackbox’s fundamental premise of developing culturally resonant objects through interdisciplinary exchange and sustainable practice. Currently, the group is in development stages for the final development of objects, which will be made public in November of 2013. For TRACES, Utari Blackbox is thrilled to exhibit a sneak peak of some of the objects which are being developed for the final line and will present process based images of workshops and collaborations developed throughout 2013.

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