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Alberto [Beto] Ruiz
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Alberto [Beto] Ruiz
  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Current Exhibition: "TRACES" <2013>
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Alberto [Beto] Ruiz

Alberto [Beto] Ruiz (Oaxaca) - Ruiz’s family are traditional textile weavers from Teotitlán, Oaxaca. After traveling to Tijuana and studying with contemporary artists for 10 years, Ruiz returned to Teotitlán to work within his family’s tradition and focus on rescuing lost Zapoteca rug patterns. His work is based on concepts of memory, translation, modernization, and cultural legacy. Ruiz founded Taller 8, a workshop which merges contemporary artists with local artisans in the development of new work based on images and experiences generated from the surrounding region. Ruiz’s works include a series of modern day codices, which are derived from images of circuit boards as well as rugs produced utilizing materials such as plastic bags.