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Tommy Wong
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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Current Exhibition: "Empujando Tinta" <2013>
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Malcolm X Jazz Festival, 2010
“For the 10th Anniversary of EastSide Arts Alliance’s (ESAA) Malcolm X Jazz Festival, The Taller was asked to print a poster that would be sold at the Jazz Festival as a fundraiser for ESAA. The Jazz Festival is a yearly concert organized by ESAA to bring music and culture to the diverse community in East Oakland.”
-Jesus Barraza
Haiti Will Rise, 2009
“This print was published by Dignidad Rebelde (the graphic arts collaboration between Barraza and Cervantes) and printed at The Taller. The poster was designed by EastSide Arts Alliance (ESAA) to share with the community and was featured on their website for people to download and print to show their solidarity with the people of Haiti. The print was used as a fundraiser in collaboration with ESAA to raise funds for the people of Haiti, through sales about $3,500 were sent to a community organization that works directly with community.”
-Jesus Barraza