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Jean Melesaine

Jean Melesaine is a queer Samoan artist and one of the founding members of One Love Oceania, a queer Pacific Islander womyns artist/activist collective. She studied photo consciousness with Charisse Domingo and Raj Jayadev of Silicon Valley De-Bug, a media, community organizing and entrepreneurial collective based out of San Jose, California, and is now a community organizer and associate editor for the organization. She was born and raised all around the Bay Area, from East Side San Jose to the Bayview in San Francisco, and currently resides in Oakland. She has taught workshops on using media arts and consciousness all over, from McAllen pueblas to Brazil favelas. She is the recent 2013 Tautai Artist in Residence in Auckland, New Zealand, and will be working with the Pacific Islander communities there. Her parents are from the villages of Moamoa and Falealili, Western Samoa. She is named after her grandmother Elia Melesaine.