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Cy Wagoner
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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Exhibition: "Real N.D.N. - Native Diaspora Now" <2012>
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Cy Wagoner

Siding with underdogs, and motivated by going against most odds, Cy’s usual accomplished art projects often began with, “you can’t do that…” For seven years now Cy has manage the Black Sheep At Collective focused on bringing public art to communities. Influenced by stories of beauty and strength that comes within youthfulness, and its growing relationship with the vigorous and forgiving world that houses them. A painter by heart, Cy’s humble passion uses color to explore the emotional movements in people’s visual stories on canvas. Currently living in San Francisco, Mr. Wagoner likes to drink expensive coffee and ride his bike with his dog Hasbidii.

Cy Wagoner founded the Black Sheep Art Collective in 2003. Black Sheep Art Collective (BSAC) provides mentorship, encouragement, and space for artistic, spiritual, political, and personal expression as well as healing for the individual artist and the larger community. This project serves young artists who are serious about sharing creative expression through public art and willing to take leadership roles of facilitation. BSAC has promoted local talent by engaging existing summer youth programs around the Navajo reservation with mural workshops and assembling art shows with collective members.