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Nizhoni Ellenwood
Juan Manuel Echavarría
 Felipe Ehrenberg
Nizhoni Ellenwood
 Cristina Emmanuel
Joy Enomoto
 mónica enríquez-enríquez
María Elvira Escallón
  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Exhibition: "Real N.D.N. - Native Diaspora Now" <2012>
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Nizhoni Ellenwood

Nizhoni Ellenwood (Nii Mii Puu/Nez Perce & Apache) was born and raised in the Bay Area and has worked nationally and in Canada. She graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in Photography in December 2010, but is a multi media artist and performer. She is the co-founder of Red Lotus Belly Dance troupe and Ta’c wees, an accapella Indigenous women’s group. Nizhoni Ellenwood founded the Indigenous Arts Coalition ( in 2008 a group created to foster a voice engrained in art for those from any Indigenous background occupying the Bay Area. The IAC has since then grew from a mainly SFAI group to a group reaching out and collaborating with the Bay Area Indigenous community in large.

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