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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Exhibition: "Traded Moons" <2012>
Exhibition: "Real N.D.N. - Native Diaspora Now" <2012>
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Geri Montano

Geri Montano born in Colorado. She is a multiracial contemporary artist emphasizing her Native American heritage; Dineh (Navajo) from her father's lineage, and Comanche French/Spanish from her mother's.

Montano has been an artist all her life, although, received her formal art education from San Francisco Art Institute in 1997, graduating with a BFA in interdisciplinary arts, which included drawing, painting and sculpture. After graduating from SFAI she worked as a sculpture assistant and gave various mixed media art workshops. Montano has a strong interest in working with under-represented members of her community. She enjoys and believes in giving back to community as her part in making the world more whole. She is currently a visual art instructor for developmentally disabled adults.

Her work has been exhibited in many galleries, including Diego Riviera, Workspace Ltd., Michelle O’Connor, SOMArts Cultural Center, Galeria de la Raza, and most recently SJMACLA. Montano has participated in a variety of art practices including political street theater with Praxis Artists, where she designed costumes and performed. The group formed in Seattle after the World Trade Organization citizen uprising. She is currently creating provocative, mixed media drawing/collage works using acrylic ink, graphite pencil, and magazine cut-outs. The works in "Traded Moons" will be used in a wall installation. Her work is inspired by personal experiences relating to socio-political and feminist themes. Montano’s work juxtaposes aesthetic qualities with subversive imagery; combining aesthetic, thematic and technical skills, Montano impresses emotional and powerful ideas on the viewer; never shying away from controversial or taboo subjects.

She has recently been awarded a Creative Capacity grant in addition to a second Native American Arts & Cultural Traditions grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission. The latter grant supports “Traded Moons. Montano desires to give voice to the women and girls involved, as well as bring much needed public awareness and instigate dialogue which are first steps in catalyzing change.

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