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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions 3 Rounds on Short Notice <1985>
South Africa, State of Emergency <1986>
La Cruz: Spiritual Source <1988>
Puerta a Puerta <1991>
From Tradition to Innovation: El Sabor <1993>
From Tradition to Innovation: La Fe <1993>
A Defiant Legacy: 1970-1995 <1995>
Beyond Boundaries: Recent Work by Enrique Chagoya <1996>
Open Studio: Little Brown Bodies <1999>
Out of Line:Chicano/Latino Drawings <2000>
Paradigms Lost <2004>
What's Not To Love? <2005>
No Distance Is More Awesome <2007>
Exhibition: "YTREBIL" <2010>
Current Exhibition: "Empujando Tinta" <2013>
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Untitled, 2010
“Working with Enrique is an honor, collaborating with him on this second screen print we got to see how he recontextualizes images and puts a contemporary spins on them. This print by Enrique Chagoya is part of a series of drawings and screen prints that pay homage to Jose Clemente Orozco.”
Untitled I, 2012
“This print was published by Dignidad Rebelde (the graphic arts collaboration between Barraza and Cervantes), in the Spring of 2012 and is our second collaboration with the artist. This is part of a series of drawings and prints by Chagoya that pay homage to the great Mexican artist Jose Clemente Orozco, and draws from one of his lithographs and adds a modern sensibility.”
-Jesus Barraza The Pastoral or Arcadian State: 
Illegal Alien’s Guide to Greater America
The Enlightened Savage