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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions MARIA: Politics. Sex. Death. Men. <2008>
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Jonathan Solo

From a very early age Jonathan Solo culled imagery from magazines, vintage family photographs, and the iconography of Catholicism to create work that explores the many contradictions of politics, sex and religion. With the exception of one single unsatisfying semester of college, his highly nuanced skills as a draftsman and conceptual artist are entirely self-cultivated. His work explores the intersections of male and female identities, queer culture, religious practices and their interpretations. His work was recently presented in Selections from the Diane and Sandy Besser Collection at the de Young Museum, San Francisco this year. Solo has exhibited in London, Berlin, NYC and Athens. Solo is represented by Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco and will be having his first solo show in Jan of 09. Solo lives and works in San Francisco.

Artist Statement:

" Laws, moralities, aesthetics, have been created to make you respect fragile things. What is fragile should be broken." Louis Aragon