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Luz Maria Sanchez
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 Luz Maria Sanchez
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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions No Distance Is More Awesome <2007>
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Luz Maria Sanchez

My work is comprised of diverse elements from sound, language, moving images, and mechanical devices influenced by my experiences in radio broadcasting, literature and music. I work with time-based media—sound and image—disrupting the structure of sequence and narrative in order to present brief fragments, including elements of chance, in immersive audio/video loops. These audio/visual pieces explore our sense of space through duration, repetition and progression using modular units of digital data.

While remaining somehow neutral these works incorporate a physical reverberation that seeks to entice the viewer. Components of my work are specifically arranged so as to envelop the subject in an abstract, sensorial experience while preserving a feeling of emotional urgency and physical immediacy. These qualities arise through the isolation of precise and ever-present elements from human surroundings that are then reduced to their most punctual expression. This entails a broad mapping of sounds and images, which are then digitally processed in order to define and isolate specific elements.

In my sound environments I am able to deal with direct relationships between the body and its surrounding space, the alienation of the senses and the idea of sound (specifically) as an immersive and directional medium. These physical and atmospheric spaces are realized as artificial constructions or through interventions within the natural landscape. All of these structures are built to human scale; in order to experience them one must move through or become enclosed within the piece itself.