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  Eric Fajardo
Ricardo Favela
 Ana Teresa Fernandez
Demian Flores
 Juan R. Fuentes   Fulana   
  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Chicanos del Valle: RCAF Tortilla Show <1971>
Calendario Exhibition <1977>
Indigenous Peoples: No Boundaries <1992>
Paper Tigers <2002>
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Ricardo Favela

Ricardo Favela is a CSUS art professor and leader of the Barrio Arts program, a printmaker and active participant in community activities. He is one of the founding members of the Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF), a Sacramento-based artistsí cultural collective founded in 1969. The RCAF was created amidst the Chicano movement's battle for social and political rights and recognition. The RCAF is best known for its mural paintings, poster art production, and individual artistic contributions. RCAF continues to support the United Farm Workers (UFW) and worked with the late Mayor Joe Serna in implementing political reform and establishing Chicanos for Political Awareness (COPA).

Through his art, Favela offers imagery that affirms Chicano cultural identity and social struggle while deliberately opposing the cultural mainstream as a cultural ideal.