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Ayana V. Jackson
  Ayana V. Jackson  Luis Jimenez  Consuelo Jimenez-Underwood  Jody Jock   
  Participated in the Following Exhibitions African by Legacy, Mexican by Birth <2006>
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Ayana V. Jackson

Born in 1977, Ayana Vellissia Jackson received her Bachelor of Arts from Spelman College (USA) and studies as a guest student under Khaterina Sieverding at the University of Arts, Berlin (Germany). Ms. Jackson has exhibited her work in association with Rush Arts Gallery (USA), A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery (USA), The Washington DC Cultural Development Center (USA), Assembly International (Germany), Inter America Foundation (IAF) as well as academic and community based spaces in the US and Europe. Selections from her work on Ghanaian hip hop and portraits from her series on Afro-Mexican communities have been published in academic and lifestyle publications including “Souls: A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture, and Society” (Columbia University, USA), The Fader and Anthem Magazines (USA). In addition her work can be found in the Museum of Afro-Mestizo Cultures (Mexico) and the World Bank (USA) permanent collections.