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  Mariana Yampolsky
Rio Yañez
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Mario Ybarra Jr.
 Ernesto Yerena   Youth Media Project   
  Participated in the Following Exhibitions C_Scape: Sites of Cultural (Ex)Change <2004>
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Mario Ybarra Jr.

“I make contemporary art that is filtered through a Mexican-American experience in Los Angeles. It’s not my goal to learn Nahuatl but to speak Cantonese.” —Mario Ybarra Jr. Los Angeles-based artist, Mario Ybarra Jr., is a founder of the art collective “Slanguage,” based in Wilmington, California. He received his MFA from the University of California at Irvine. The Slanguage project began in the summer of 2002. The projects consist of drawings, sculptures, installations, single channel videos, and performances. Ybarra interested in investigating contemporary art making in terms of experimental processes that include video or audio "clashes" and other media.