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Digital Mural Project 2000-2001
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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions DIGITAL MURAL PROJECT By John Leaños & SFSA students <1999>
DIGITAL MURAL PROJECT By Lucia Grosberger-Morales <2000>
Digital Mural Project: Al Lujan <2000>
Digital Mural Project: Los Über-Locos <2000>
Digital Mural Project: Alma Lopez <2000>
Digital Mural Project: Robert Karimi & Conchita Villalba <2001>
Digital Mural Project: Los Cybrids <2001>
Digital Mural Project: Los Cybrids <2001>
Digital Mural Project: Los Cybrids <2001>
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Digital Mural Project 2000-2001

Galería de al Raza's Digital Mural Project (DMP) was launched in November 1999. The project is an ongoing series of 10'x24' computer-generated murals displayed on Galería's billboard located at the corner of 24th and Bryant streets. The site stands as a reclaimed advertising space that has been the host of temporary murals done by Latina/o artists since 1973.

Between 1999 and 2001, artist and cultural worker, John Jota Leaños, curated and was a participating artist in the series.

Since its inception, the DMP has presented artwork of themes ranging from gentrification, gender politics, and the war in Iraq to critiques of technological mythologies.

In the words of Leaños: "With the emergence of digital technology, Xicano muralism has begun to fuse with photographic and advertising aesthetics. This transformation of the medium, however, is kept within a rich mural tradition of cultural resistance"

The DMP encourages the use of new digital technology to create a series of innovative public art works. Building on the Galería's 30 year history of temporary murals in San Francisco's Mission District, the Digital Mural Project seeks to engage diverse communities through the creation of artistic, social and political content.