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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Out of Line:Chicano/Latino Drawings <2000>
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José Antonio Suárez

Born in 1955 in Medellín, Colombia, José Antonio Suárez graduated from the École Supérieure d’Art Visuel MFA). In 1998, he participated in the Biennial of Sao Paulo in Brazil and also has exhibited in San Juan, Puerto Rico; Jakarta, Indonesia; Buenos Aires; Havana; Germany; and Canada. In the spring of 1999, his mixed-media work “Books on the Violence” was included in the Art Museum of the Americas’ Mastering the Millennium exhibition. Suárez produces meticulously detailed tiny drawings. His thematic history encompasses the portrait, a wide range of art historical references, the contemporary state of man, and reflection on his own image. All come together in his mastery of line.