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Carlos Almaraz

Carlos Almaraz (1941-1989) was born in Mexico City, and grew up in Chicago and Los Angeles. He studied at the University of California, Los Angeles, then earned an MFA from Otis Art Institute in 1974. In 1973 Almaraz, Frank Romero, Gilbert Lujan, and Roberto de la Roche founded LOS FOUR, a local art collective whose collaborations brought Chicano street art to the attention of the mainstream art community of Los Angeles. For three years Almaraz worked for Cesar Chavez and the United Farmworkers Union, doing murals, banners, and other art works. His large BOYCOTT GALLO mural on the All Nations' Center in East Los Angeles was a community landmark for many years before its destruction during the late 1980s. Through his pastels, paintings, and murals, he has remained a major influence on younger Latino artists. His work continues to be widely exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the world.