Galeria de la Raza
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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Bomba! Latino Erotica <1999>
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Nao Bustamante

Using the body as a source of image, narrative and emotion, my performances communicate on the level of subconscious language, taking the spectator on a bizarre journey, cracking stereotypes by embodying them. I disarm the audience with a sense of vulnerability, only to confront them with a startling wake up call. N.B. Nao Bustamante is a performance art pioneer who originally hails from the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. Her solo performance, America the Beautiful toured internationally and Stuff, a performance with Coco Fusco, was comissioned by London's ICA. She toured with the experimental dance group Osseus Labyrint in Taiwan and Hong Kong, performing The Frigid Bride in the former Czechoslovakia and Berlin. She also worked in collaboration with Chico MacMurtrie in Triagram at Theatre Artaud in San Francisco, CA. Bustamante has curated shows for Marin Headland's Center for the Arts as well as Galerķa de la Raza. Her writing has been published in Revista Paralax Journal, On Our Backs and Plazm. Among her numerous awards, she has received the Indigenous Scribe Workshop Scholarship and a Zellerbach Individual Grant. galeriadela