Galeria de la Raza
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Juan Manuel Echavarría
 Felipe Ehrenberg
Nizhoni Ellenwood
 Cristina Emmanuel
Joy Enomoto
 mónica enríquez-enríquez
María Elvira Escallón
  Participated in the Following Exhibitions The Brown Sheep Project <2000>
Atlas(t): A Mapping Expedition/Exhibition <2001>
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e-mael, whose name was legalized on January 20, 1998, at the San Francisco Superior Court, was born in 1970, Los Angeles County. He is a conceptual artist presently living in San Francisco. For religious purposes, emael strives to be the most famous and wealthy living artist on earth. He is presently working on Uniform #3 for pad_internacional and is looking to incorporate his work as a legal entity. To discover why Time Out New York claims emael creates "standout" work and the New York Times explains it as "hard to categorize thematically [and] intriguing for that reason," read, TDR Vol. 47, Issue1 - Spring 2003.