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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Viology: Violence of Culture & Cultures of Violence <2002>
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Claudia Bernardi

Claudia Bernardi is an Argentinean painter, printmaker, and installation artist who lives in Berkeley. Her work is informed by her participation in the Argentinean Forensic Anthropology Team, which was established to investigate and gather evidence of human rights violations. Bernardi has participated with Team investigations in Argentina, Ethiopia, and El Salvador. She also teaches printmaking to political refugees and survivors of torture from Latin America at Kola Institute in Berkeley. Bernards printmaking and installation work, created from experiences, seeks to remember and preserve the memory of human rights violations while transcending its brutality. In March 2005, Claudia Bernardi, in collaboration with the community of Perquin, El Salvador, will initiate the creation of the School of Art/Open Studio of Perquin designed to facilitate, implement, and teach art and community-based art projects reaching children and adults living in Morazán, El Salvador.