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  Artemio Narro  Ivan Navarro  Branca Nitzsche     
  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Land Rites <2003>
Digital Mural Project: Branca Nitzsche <2006>
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Branca Nitzsche

Branca Nitzsche, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is better known for her long term documentary project of photographing the Favela residents in Rio de Janeiro. She has also been working on other projects such as the Landless Workers Movement in Parana Panema, Sao Paolo, the monarch butterfly migration in Mexico, and the migrant agricultural workers in California's central valley. Nitche graduated from the Academy of Arts College, San Francisco, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2001 and was awarded Best Photography Portfolio from her graduating class. That same year, she attended the Eddie Adams Workshop and was awarded a grant from Kodak to continue photographing her rural workers project in Brazil. Her work can be seen in PDN's online site as well as the museum of Maracana in Brazil.