Galeria de la Raza
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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions The Brown Sheep Project <2000>
Digital Mural Project: Los Über-Locos <2000>
Digital Mural Project: Los Cybrids <2001>
Digital Mural Project: Los Cybrids <2001>
Los Cybrids: Tecno-Putografía Virtual <2001>
Viology: Violence of Culture & Cultures of Violence <2002>
Paradigms Lost <2004>
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René García

René García is a Mexican born in Pacoima, California (1968) who uses elements of conceptual art practices and a framework constructed around performance, video, audio and installation work. He creates digitally enhanced and electronically mediated works to explore significant current political themes and the uncovering of an evolving convergence between the human body and new technologies. He examines the manner in which biotechnologies and digital hardware have redirected the colonial imperative of manifest destiny away from land and space and into the bioform.