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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Land Rites <2003>
Trazos: Myth and Memory <2005>
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Alfred Hernandez

Alfred (Al) Hernandez is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been involved in producing film and video for over 15 years. His work uses the media as a way to self-discovery and personal transformation, and to foster a deeper connection to reality. His films and videos have shown at various festivals and screenings including the Chicago International Film Festival, the New York Museum of Modern Art, on PBS stations as part of the Independent Television Service series American Independents, and at Galeria de la Raza. Film and Video work: Glass Snail Eyes and other Symmetrical Apparitions - 6 minute video. Narrative. Apparitions made up of ordinary objects become the nightmares and wondrous reveries of Señor Alfred Hufroin. Same of the More – 14 minute video. A cubistic, dreamy illustration of "Seeing the Seer who Sees". My Name is Alejandro! - 20-minute video. A pseudo-documentary that looks at the complexities of assimilation through the tale of a man who lived a double life. Screened: CineSol 2003 Latino film Festival, Texas, Galeria de la Raza, S.F. CA Dear Jesus, My Everlasting Love – 7-minute video. A “love” letter written to Jesus explores the relationship between everlasting life, evolution and the continuum of life. Also looks at love and camaraderie between men. Screened: Galería de la Raza That Mission Rising! – 8 minute Super 8 film. Explores the effects of colonialist/industrialist mentality on the natural Californian landscape. Screened: Remembrance and Response community forum - Channel 53 broadcast S.F. CA, Have you Seen Her, la Mision? show – Centro del Pueblo S.F. CA, Films from the Mission – Artist Television Access S.F. CA, Hispanic Heritage Committee presentation SF CA, Dance With/In the Eye – SF Cinematheque SF CA. Jump Fence – 26 minute video. A certain inner rage and alienation of a suburban youth is lifted through the healing, centering aspects of the natural world. Screened: Art in Prisons Program - San Quentin Prison CA, PBS stations American Independents as part of Independent Television Service series, Bay Area Now show – Yerba Buena SF CA, Cine Festival – San Antonio TX, Reconstructing the Self/Deconstructing the System show – Contemporary Museum Honolulu HI, Film Arts Festival – Roxie Cinema SF CA, Picturing Violence screening – Intersection for the Arts SF CA. Island Zoetrope – 6-minute 16mm film. A surreal film about a man stranded in a corner of an industrial wasteland, he is rescued as he envisions his surroundings as an island in the ocean. Screened: Chicago International Film Festival, 3rd Coast Film Competition – Austin, TX, Film As Art Awards – Museum of Modern Art SF CA, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Palo Alto Film Festival, northern states regional win for experimental category – Student Film Awards: Academy of Motion Picture Arts, That’s Animation! Show - New York Museum of Modern Art.