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Juan Manuel Echavarría
Juan Manuel Echavarría
 Felipe Ehrenberg
Nizhoni Ellenwood
 Cristina Emmanuel
Joy Enomoto
 mónica enríquez-enríquez
María Elvira Escallón
  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Viology: Violence of Culture & Cultures of Violence <2002>
WEEDE PEEPO: Icons, Portraits y Gente <2005>
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Juan Manuel Echavarría

Colombian photographer Juan Manuel Echavarría's extraordinary photographs capture the horror of the violence that saturates the history of his beleaguered country. The 50-year civil war between the army, guerrillas, right-wing paramilitaries and drug cartels has been responsible for the victimization and murder of thousands of Colombian peasants. Comprising both color studio shots and haunting black-and-white images from the countryside, Echavarria's moody photographs depict devastated villages, depopulated landscapes and melancholy, symbolically charged objects.