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San Francisco Print Collective
  Shizu Saldamando
San Francisco Print Collective
Jos Sances
Diana Sanchez
 Luz Maria Sanchez
Michele Simmons
Jonathan Solo
 Rosario Sotelo
Shannon Spanhake
Alejandro Stuart
 José Antonio Suárez
Anthony Sul
Seline Szkupinsky-Quiroga
  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Paradigms Lost <2004>
Digital Mural Project: San Francisco Print Collective <2004>
SU ARTE HERE: Five Years of Galería’s Digital Mural Project <2005>
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San Francisco Print Collective

The San Francisco Print Collective is a group of artists whose aim is to increase public awareness and dialogue about local, national and international concerns by printing and pasting posters and large format banners and billboards throughout the city that are informative, memorable and thought provoking. They are interested in reclaiming public space for the use of substantive issues and to subvert the visual omnipresence of advertising. The primary venue for their work is on the streets of San Francisco. The SFPC is sustained by a core membership of less than ten artists, although since they began in 1999, the SFPC has utilized the efforts of over fifty artists of all ages, colors and social backgrounds. They have worked on a variety of posters for various community causes, including ongoing support for the Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition, the Coalition on Homelessness, and the anti-war movement. The SFPC's work has been shown in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the SF Chronicle, The SF Bay Guardian, the Utne Reader, Processed World, Metropolis, Street Sheet, Street Spirit, New Mission News, and in Hollow City, a recent book on gentrification in San Francisco. Our work can also be seen in several documentaries, including; KQED's "Home Front," Sleeping Giant Production's "Three Mission Artists," and Whispered Media's "Boom! The Sound of Eviction."