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Galería de la Raza Timeline of Exhibitions


Cat. No.: EX1970.01 Dates: Unknown
Title/Description: Group Exhibit (?)
Artists: Unknown
Notes: According to Rene Yanez, group exhibit happened early in the year

Cat No.: EX1970.02 Dates: Unknown
Title/Description: Women's Art Exhibit
Artists: Unknown
Notes: According to Rene Yanez, a women's group exhibit was organized this year

Cat No.: EX1970.03 Dates: 7/15-?
Title: Estaban Villa Solo Exhibit
Artist: Estaban Villa
Notes: First recorded exhibition at current location, 2857 24th St., SF

Cat No.: EX1970.04 Dates: 7/26-8/23
Title: Chicanos, Cuba y los 10 Millónes
Artists: Robert Perez-Díaz, Gloria Osuna, Medrano

Cat No.: EX1970.05 Dates: 9/1-9/30
Title: Gustavo Rivera Solo Exhibit
Artist: Gustavo Rivera

Cat No.: EX1970.06 Dates: 10/1-11/8
Title: Arte del Barrio
Artists: Laurence Martinez, Carlos Loarca, Rolando Castellon, Adolfo Rodriguez,
ustavo Rivera, Robert Gonzalez

Cat No.: EX1970.07 Dates: 12/12-?
Title: En el Día de Guadalupe: Ruben Salazar Memorial Show
Artists: Jay Ojeda, Rene Yanez, Mike Ruiz, Gustavo Rivera, Peter Rodriguez,
alph McNeil, Carlos Loarca, Ralph Maradiaga, Rupert Garcia


Cat No.: EX1971.01 Dates: 1/1-2/1
Title/Description: Paintings
Artist: Peter Rodriguez

Cat No.: EX1971.02 Dates: 3/7-4/1
Title: Arte del Barrio por Jovenes
Artists: Unknown

Cat No.: EX1971.03 Dates: 4/28-5/28
Title: Murals of New Chile and Brazilian Barrio
Artist: Alejandro Stuart

Cat No.: EX1971.04 Dates: 6/11-6/23
Title: Chicanos del Valle: RCAF Tortilla Show
Artist: Jose Montoya

Cat No.: EX1971.05 Dates: 6/25-7/22
Title: Cartelones del Cine Mexicano
Notes: Mexican Film Posters

Cat No.: EX1971.06 Dates: August
Title: Robert Gonzalez Exhibition
Artist: Robert Gonzalez


Cat No.: EX1972.01 Dates: 3/5-3/26
Title/Description: Group Exhibition by Member Artists
Artists: Consuelo Mendez, Rolando Castellon, Rupert Garcia, Chuy Campusano,
eter Rodriguez, Domingo Rivera, Rene Yanez, Graciela Carillo

Cat No.: EX1972.02 Dates: 3/26-4/12
Title/Description: Mayan Rubbings from Guatemala

Cat No.: EX1972.03 Dates: 4/13-4/30
Title: El Ojo de Indio-La Raza Photography

Cat No.: EX1972.04 Dates: 5/3-5/20
Title: Experimentos Graficos

Cat No.: EX1972.05 Dates: 6/17-7/7
Title: Mi Raza Linda
Artist: Francisco Camplis

Cat No.: EX1972.06 Dates: 7/9-7/23
Title: Graficos de Rupert Garcia y Ralph Maradíaga
Artists: Ralph Maradíaga, Rupert Garcia

Cat No.: EX1972.07 Dates: 9/13-10/22
Title: Rivera, Orozco, Siquieros: Original Drawings and Prints
Artists: Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, David A. Siquieros
Curator: Rene Yanez
Notes: On loan from MOMA archives (traveling exhibition)

Cat No.: EX1972.08 Dates: 11/2-11/19
Title: Día de los Muertos

Cat No.: EX1972.09 Dates: 12/8-?
Title/Description: Graficos de Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica
Artists: Rosa Morant Guash, Antonio Carlos Macien, Carlos Barbosa


Cat No.: EX1973.01 Dates: 1/19-2/13
Title: Canto a Cuba: Drawings, Prints, Posters, Oils and Etchings
Artists: Eduardo Arderi, Jose Lafitte

Cat No.: EX1973.02 Dates: 2/14-3/7
Title: Una Amenaza y Una Promesa
Artists: Adal Maldonado, Jose Ramos

Cat No.: EX1973.03 Dates: 3/14-?
Title/Description: Nicaraguan Earthquake Relief
Notes: Benefit sale held on 3/16

Cat No.: EX1973.04 Dates: 3/31-4/23
Title: Loarca-McNeil: Recent Paintings
Artists: Carlos Loarca, Ralph McNeil
Notes: Drawings and radiographs

Cat No. EX1973.05 Dates: 4/25-5/16
Title/Description: Folk arts and crafts exhibit from Latin American countries

Cat No.: EX1973.06 Dates: 6/1-6/3
Title: Equal Angles
Artists: Jerry Concha, Rudy Serra
Notes: There may have been a performance

Cat No.: EX1973.07 Dates: 6/29-7/14
Title: Por Chile: Silk-screens from the President Allende Cultural Campaign

Cat No.: EX1973.08 Dates: ?-7/31
Title: Comic Book: A Free Art Course by Spain

Cat No.: EX1973.09 Dates: 7/29-8/12
Title/Description: New Artists Show
Artists: Roger Reyes, Luis Cortazar, Eduardo Arderi

Cat No.: EX1973.10 Dates: 8/16-?
Title/Description: Children's Art Show: 24th St. Place

Cat No.: EX1973.11 Dates: 9/7-9/28
Title: El Sol Nunca Muere
Artist: Rolando Garces

Cat No.: EX1973.12 Dates: 10/5-10/28
Title: Mujeres de Aztlan: Third World Women's Art Exhibit
Artists: Joyce Ajuna, Beverly Sanchez-Padilla, Ester Hernandez, Graciela
arrillo, Patricia Rodriguez, Irene Perez, Mia Galaviz, Sara Oritz, Ana Montano,
atalia Rivas

Cat No.: EX1973.13 Dates: 11/1-?
Title: Día de los Muertos

Cat No.: EX1973.14 Dates: 12/15-1/6/74
Title: The Peter Rodriguez Collection of Santos from the Mexican Museum


Cat No.: EX1974.01 Dates: 1/18-2/10
Title: Serrano y Gallois
Artists: Benjamin Serrano, Danielle Gallois
Notes: Sculptures, paintings, tapestries

Cat No.: EX1974.02 Dates: 3/9-3/31
Title: Soñar Despierto: Serigraficos y Mural Exhibit
Artist: Graciela Carillo

Cat No.: EX1974.03 Dates: 5/24-6/14
Title/Description: Poster exhibit

Cat No.: EX1974.04 Dates: 6/20-8/31
Title/Description: Mission Community Mural Exhibit
Notes: Sketches, photos and mural map

Cat No.: EX1974.05 Dates: 9/15-9/27
Title: Jose G. Posada: Mexican Printmaker
Artist: Jose G. Posada

Cat No.: EX1974.06 Dates: 9/28-?
Title/Description: Photo exhibit
Artist: Rene Gelpi

Cat No.: EX1974.07 Dates: 10/20-11/1
Title: Leopoldo Mendez: Mexican Printmaker
Artist: :Leopoldo Mendez
Notes: Woodcuts

Cat No.: EX1974.08 Dates: 11/2-11/23
Title: Día de los Muertos

Cat No.: EX1974.09 Dates: 11/27-12/15
Title/Description: Painting exhibit
Artists: Gustavo Rivera, Carlos Loarca
Notes: Paintings


Cat No.: EX1975.01 Dates: 2/1-2/23
Title: Gente de las Americas Fotografías
Artists: Alejandro Stuart, Jesus Garza, Gilda Penteado, Manolo Garcia, Hascar
astillo, Teeback

Cat No.: EX1975.02 Dates: 3/1-3/28
Title: On the Road: California State Coalition Of Artistas
Artists: Carlos Almaraz, Gilbert Lujan
Notes: Mixed Media

Cat No.: EX1975.03 Dates: 4/12-4/27
Title: Ceramicas de la Tierra: Contemporary Ceramics

Cat No.: EX1975.04 Date: 4/27
Title: One Day Exhibition: Ceramics and Absurdities
Artists: Estava Waldo, Richard Stahl, Katherine Ish
Notes: Performance, Stahl-ish actors

Cat No.: EX1975.05 Dates: 5/21-6/15
Title: Juan Fuentes/Rupert Garcia
Artists: Juan Fuentes, Rupert Garcia

Cat No.: EX1975.06 Dates: 6/12-8/2
Title: An Exhibition of Portraits

Cat No.: EX1975.07 Dates: 8/23-10/12
Title: El Arte de los Huicholes (Part 1): The Peter Young Collection of Nearika
arn Paintings

Cat No.: EX1975.08 Dates: 11/2-12/1
Title: Día de los Muertos

Cat No.: EX1975.09 Dates: 12/21-1/15
Title: Molas and Photographs: The Cuna Indians of Panama


Cat No. EX1976.01 Dates: 1/31-3/14
Title: Huichol Ceremonial Art Part 2

Cat No.: EX1976.02 Dates: 3/27-4/25
Title/Artists: Richard Bell, Leon Klayman, Wilfred Owen Brigade

Cat No.: EX1976.03 Dates: 5/9-6/11
Title: Los Sembradores: Photo Documentary
Artist: Angel del Valle

Cat No.: EX1976.04 Date: 6/6
Event: Reception for Tin-Tan Magazine
Notes: Revista Comica No.3

Cat No.: EX1976.05 Date: 6/19
Event: Draw that Sound!
Notes: Art contest for children

Cat No.: EX1976.06 Dates: 7/17-8/1
Title: La Gente de California: A Historical Perspective

Cat No.: EX1976.07 Dates: 10/2-10/24
Title: The Return of the Cisco Kid

Cat No. EX1976.08 Dates: 11/2-11/28
Title: Día de los Muertos

Cat No. EX1976.09 Dates: 12/1-?
Title: 2001 exhibit (?)
Artist: Juan Fuentes
Notes: Date may be inaccurate, but exhibition occurred in 1976


Cat No.: EX1977.01 Dates: 1/22-2/13
Title: Calendario Exhibition
Artists: Jose Montoya, Graciela Carrillo, Patricia Rodriguez, Ralph Maradiaga,
upert Garcia and still more being confirmed
Notes: Silkscreen Calendars from 1973-1977

Cat No.: EX1977.02 Dates: 2/4-2/14
Event: Los Milmacs in Concert
NotesL Music from the Andes

Cat No. EX1977.03 Dates: 3/5-4/3
Title: Images of the Southwest
Artists: Rudy M. Fernandez, Enrique Flores, Xavier Gorena, Cesar Martinez, Pedro
odriguez, Arnold Trujillo
Curator: Carmen Lomas Garza
Notes: Block prints, paper cut-outs, drawings, photographs, copper enamels and

Cat No.: EX1977.04 Dates: 4/15-5/15
Title: Inside/Outside
Artists: Richard Fong, Phil Linares, Vino Garetti, David Ng, Suzanne Spater,
ionel Glze, Lew Thomas, David Watanabe, James Weaver, Jose Maria Bustos, Ondine
Curator: Registry (Outside), Jose Maria Bustos (Inside)

Cat No.: EX1977.05 Dates: 6/8-6/26
Title/Description: Animation exhibit

Cat No.: EX1977.06 Dates: 7/1-10/1
Notes: Galería closed to set up Studio 24. Only art workshops for
hildren and adult mural, painting and drawing classes held.

Cat No.: EX1977.07 Dates: 10/1-?
Title: International Hotel Exhibition

Cat No.: EX1977.08 Dates: 11/5-11/30
Title: Día de los Muertos

Cat No.: EX1977.09 Date: 12/17
Event: Posadas de Navidad
Notes: Concert of folk music from Mexico, Central, and South America


Cat No.: EX1978.01 Dates: 1/1-?
Title: Nicaragua: Semana Continental
Notes: Placeholder for show/festival (?) SFAF (?)

Cat No.: EX1978.02 Dates: 2/14-3/14
Title: Pachuco Art
Artist: Jose Montoya

Cat No.: EX1978.03 Dates: 4/29-5/29
Title: Mundos Perdidos: Lost Worlds
Artists: Inmates from Lompoc Federal Correction Institution
Notes: Mixed Media, prison murals, tattoos, and Silk-screen prints with social
hemes. Dates conflict with Estalas Mayas below

Cat No.: EX1978.04 Dates: 4/29-5/29
Title: Estalas Mayas/Mayan Stelas
Curator: Rufus Diament
Notes: Textile rubbings of major archeological sites of Guatemala. Dates
onflict with Mundos Perdidos exhibit above

Cat No.: EX1978.05 Dates: 6/17-7/17
Title/Description: Photographs of the South and Southwest
Artists: Michael P. Smith, Louis Bernal

Cat No.: EX1978.06 Dates: 8/2-8/30
Event: Survey of World Music
Notes: Children's art workshop held

Cat No.: EX1978.07 Dates: 8/12-9/13
Title/Description: Community Art Murals
Notes: An exhibition of original drawings, sketches and designs

Cat No.: EX1978.08 Dates: 11/2-1/12/79
Title: Día de los Muertos: Homenaje a Frida Kahlo
Artists: Alfredo Arreguin, Amalia Mesa Bains, Miranda Bergman, Manuel Alvarez
ravo, Jose Antonio Burciaga, Michael G. Burns, Ignacio Canales, Graciela
arrillo, Yreina Cervantez, Kate Connell, Daniel de los Reyes, Daniel del Solar,
ucienne Block Dimitroff, Pele de Lappe, Rudy Fernandez, Ellen Felcher, Enrique
lores, Juan Fuentes, Mia Galaviz, Rupert Garcia, Salvador Garcia, Carmen Lomas
arza, Rafael Jesus Gonzalez, Xavier Gorena, Blanca Gutierrez, Ester Hernandez,
ancy Hom, Lisa Kokin, Consuelo Kurz, Louis LeRoy, Ralph Maradiaga, Raul
artinez, Sue Martinez, Gloria Maya, Hugo Mercado, Emmanuel Montoya, Jane
orling, Maria Pinedo, Xesus Guerrero Rea, Mike Rios, Teresa de la Riva, Jose
omero, Patricia Rodriguez, Estaban Chavez Sanchez, Joseph M. Sanchez, Herbert
iguenza, Beryl Landau/Nina Serrano, Teddy (ASCO), Calvin Barajas Tondre,
orero, Manuel Villamor, Rene Yanez
Curator: Carmen Lomas Garza


Cat No.: EX1979.01 Dates: 2/10-3-31
Title: Posters from the Golden Age of Mexico
Curator: Carmen Lomas Garza

Cat No.: EX1979.02 Dates: 5/19-6/23
Title: Images of a Community
Artists: La Raza Silkscreen Center
Notes: Silkscreen posters and graphic work from 1970-79 from La Raza Graphics

Cat No.: EX1979.03 Dates: 7/28-9/22
Title: Low 'n Slow
Artists: Lowrider Magazine, local car and bike clubs
Curator: Rene Yanez and Carmen Lomas Garza
Notes: Drawings, photographs, graphics and low-rider bikes on exhibit

Cat No.: EX1979.04 Dates: 11/2-11-23
Title: Día de los Muertos


Cat No.: EX1980.01 Dates: 2/15-3/23
Title: Images of the Mexican (?)
Artist: Agustin V. Casasola
Notes: Photographs

Cat No.: EX1980.02 Dates: 3/28-4/10
Title: Mission Color
Artist: Kit Hedman
Notes: Photographs

Cat No.: EX1980.03 Dates: 4/29-5/18
Title: Hecho en Aztlan: Multiples
Artist: Richard Duardo

Cat No.: EX1980.04 Dates: 5/15-6/6
Title: Carnaval: Multi-media Exhibition

Cat No.: EX1980.05 Dates: 6/12-8/4
Title: Where are We Now?/Que somos ahora?
Artists: Lorraine Garcia, Eva C. "Venus" Garcia, Kathryn E. Garcia, Celia
odriguez, Pat Carrillo

Cat No.: EX1980.06 Dates: 8/10-8/31
Title: Peruvian Weaving Show

Cat No.: EX1980.07 Dates: 9/12-10/12
Title: Self Portraits
Artists: Rene Yanez, Irene Perez, Jose Trevino, Rudy Cuellar, Carmen Lomas
arza, Gloria Maya, Alfredo Arreguin, Blanca Gutierrez, Ricardo Mendez, Calvin
asrajas, Tondre, Ray Gayatan, Patricia Rodriguez, Peter Rodriguez, Victor
choa, Ester Hernandez
Curator: Carmen Lomas Garza

Cat No.: EX1980.08 Dates: 10/19-11/7
Title: Dia do los Muertos: Calacas Huesudas

Cat No. EX1980.09 Dates: 11/14-12/7
Title: A Decade in Flight: El Tecolote Anniversary Exhibition

Cat No. EX1980.10 Dates: 12/18-1/2/81
Event: Christmas Folk Art Sale


1981 files not found; reconstruction in progress

Cat No.: EX1981.01
Title: La Otra Onda


Cat No.: EX1982.01 Dates: 2/6-2/27
Title: Extraño: Contemporary Photographers from Mexico

Cat No.: EX1982.02 Dates: 3/21-4/17
Title: Faces of El Salvador
Artist: Miguel Blanco
Notes: Photography

Cat No.: EX1982.03 Dates: 4/2-4/30
Title/Description: traveling exhibition
Notes: Organizes by Galería/YMCA Humboldt Park Cultural Center in
hicago, Il.; photo exhibition on youth from the San Francisco Mission

Cat No.: EX1982.04 Dates: 4/28-?
Title: Murals of Aztlan: Street Painters Of East Los... (?)

Cat No.: EX1982.05 Dates: 5/4-6/12
Title: "In Progress" exhibit
Artists: Miranda Berman, Tony Chavez, Juan Fuentes, Daniel Galvez, Rayvan
onzales, Nancy Hom, Lisa Kokin, Yolanda Lopez, Raul Martinez, Regina Mouton,
mmanuel Montoya, Jane Norling, Ray Patlan, Michael Rios, Patricia Rodriguez,
pain Rodriguez, Herbert Siguenza, Xavier Viramontes, Rene Yanez
Curator: Rene Yanez

Cat No.: EX1982.06 Dates: 5/30-?
Title/Description: SF Lowrider Car Exhibit at the Presidio

Cat No.: EX1982.07 Dates: 7/9-7/31
Title: The Renaissance of Paper Cut-Outs
Curator: Carmen Lomas Garza
Notes: An exhibition of Carmen Lomas Garza's students of papel-picado

Cat No.: EX1982.08 Dates: 8/7-8/31
Title: Asco '82
Artists: Armando Norte, Marisa Zains, Gronk, Consuelo Flores
Notes: A group exhibition of L.A. conceptual artists; "Strip-tease" played 8/17

Cat No.: EX1982.09 Dates: 8/10?-8/31?
Title: John Valadez Portable murals
Artist: John Valadez
Notes: acrylic mural paintings

Cat No.: EX1982.10 Dates: ?-9/19
Event: 4th Annual Cultural Festival

Cat No.: EX1982.11 Dates: 9/11-10/16
Title: Cajas y Otra Cosas
Artists: Amalia Mesa Bains, Jose Antonio Burciaga, Kate Connell, John Carver,
arta Estrella, Carmen Lomas Garza, Sal Garcia, Mia Galaviz, Rafael Gonzalez,
ildred Howard, Jose Lerma, Eduardo Pineda, Maria V. Pinedo, Peter Rodriguez,
ermin Sales

Cat No.: EX1982.12 Dates: 10/30-11-20
Title: Dia de los Muertos

Cat No.: EX1982.13 Dates: 11/26-1/5/83
Event: Christmas Gift Sale and Show


1983 exhibition files not found; reconstruction courtesy of interviews with
everal artists and Galeria staff

Cat No.: EX1983.01 Dates: 1/23-2/19
Title: Images of the American Indian Movement
Artists: Michelle Vignes, Michel DuBois, Billboard by Myron Thomas
Notes: Photo Documentary Exhibition

Cat No.: EX1983.02 Dates: 4/13-6/4
Title: Santos de New Mexico
Artist: Billboard by Mike Rios

Cat No.: EX1983.03 Dates: 6/15-7/16
Event: Stages ASCO
Artists: Gronk, Patssi Valdez
Notes: Performance Art by L.A.-based Chicano performance group, ASCO


Cat No.: EX1984.01 Dates: 1/28-2/25
Title: New Dimensions in Realism
Artists: Davis Maes Gallegos, Daniel Galvez, John M. Valadez, George Rivera,
ganacio Gomez, Christine Dawson, Linda Hanson

Cat No.: EX1984.02 Dates: 3/17-4/21
Title: Lisa Krokin's Studio
Artist: Lisa Kokin

Cat No.: EX1984.03 Date: 5/15
Event: Fashion Moda: One Night Lecture
Artist: James Poppitz

Cat No.: EX1984.04 Dates: 6/22
Event: Innovation Diversity and the Future of Chicano Art
Notes: Artist forum

Cat No.: EX1984.05 Dates: 6/9-7/7
Title: Style and Vision: Two L.A. Printmakers
Artists: Ricardo Durado, Roberto Delgado
Notes: Screenprints, monoprint exhibition

Cat No.: EX1984.06 Date: 5/5
Title: Comedy Fiesta
Artists: Marga Gomez, Monica Palacios, Richard Montoya, Jose Antonio Burciaga,
erbert Siguenza
Notes: Performance night of comedy at the Galeria

Cat No.: EX1984.07 Date: 5/11
Title: "Music, Comedy, Breakdancing"
Artists: Monica Palacios, Richard Montoya, Jose Antonio Burciaga, Herbert
Notes: Comedy Fiesta

Cat No.: EX1984.08 Dates: 6/15-7/13
Title: Mexican Folk Retablos: Behind the Altar
Notes: Slide lecture-Margaret A. Clark exhibit and sale, photo proofs

Cat No. EX1984.09 Dates: 7/21-8/18
Title: Artesania Sorata: Cloth Art of the Andes
Notes: Celebrating the revival of hand-crafted textile arts by the Aymara
ndians of Bolivia

Cat No.: EX1984.10 Dates: 9/8-10/20
Title: Contemporary Sculptures and Prints
Artists: Rudy Fernandez and Luis Jimenez

Cat No.: EX1984.11 Date: 10/23
Event: Una Noche con Diego Rivera
Notes: Slide lecture sponsored by the Galeria and the Mexican Museum at SF and
pecial ceremony in honor of Emmy Lou Packard

Cat No.: EX1984.12 Dates: 10/26-11/10
Title: Dia de los Muertos
Notes: Performance: Flores Para Mi Abuelito (Teatro)

Cat No.: EX1984.13 Dates: 11/28-12/24
Event: Christmas Folk Art Sale


Cat No.: EX1985.01 Dates: 2/22-3/23
Title: Border Realities
Artists: Isaac Artenstein, David Avalos, Jude Eberhard, Michael Schnorr, Sara Jo
erman, Guillermo Gomez Pena, Victor Ochoa
Notes: Video, painting, performance, sculpture, and outdoor mural, panel
iscussion, photo, conceptual installation

Cat No.: EX1985.02 Dates: 4/18-5/1
Titles: 3 Rounds on Short Notice
Artists: Enrique Chagoya, Castro, Sanches

Cat No.: EX1985.03 Dates: 5/3-5/5
Title: Culture Clash
Notes: Benefit comedy performances at the Galeria for Cinco de Mayo

Cat No.: EX1985.04 Dates: 5/10-6/1
Title: Women by Women
Artists: Amalia Mesa Bains, Dolores Cruz, Celia Rodriguez, Patricia Rodriguez,
inda Vallejo, Judy Baca, Juana Alicia, Yolanda Lopez, Santa Contreras Barraza,
arbara Carrasco, Diane Gamboa, Lorraine Garcia, Carmen Lomas Garza, Ester
Curators: Amalia Mesa Bains, Maria Pinedo

Cat No.: EX1985.05 Dates: 6/15-7/6
Title: Animal Woodcarvers of New Mexico
Artists: Felipe Archuleta, David Alvarez, Alfonso Jimenez
Notes: Wooden Folk Art-photos, negatives

Cat No.: EX1985.06 Dates: 7/27-8/24
Title: Avant Garde Mambo Society
Artists: Adal Musical Portraits
Notes: Photography, documents Latin musicians: Lydia Mendoza, Tito Puente, Eddie

Cat No.: EX1985.07 Date: 10/11
Title/Event: Festival Cine Arte
Artists: Los 4 Film: Jim Tartan, America Tropical: Jesus Trevino, Murals of
.L.A.: Humberto Rivera, Anatomy of a Mural: Rick Goldsmith, El Pachuco: Jose
Notes: Film festival and panel discussion with Armando Valdez, Yolanda Lopez,
aria Pinedo, Jose Camacho, Ernesto Palomino, Mario Barrera

Cat No.: EX1985.08 Date: 10/12
Title/Event: Festival Cine Arte
Artists: The Great Wall of L.A.: Donna Pretch, Malaquias: Portrait of a Chicano
rtist, Latino America: A Mural in San Francisco, Mujeres Muralistas, Murals of
ztlan, My Trip in a '52 Ford Artists?

Cat No.: EX1985.09 Date: 10/18
Event: Charles Milgrim Benefit Concert
Artists: Charles Milgrim
Notes: Piano concert in memory of Ralph Maradiaga

Cat No.: EX1985.10 Dates: 10/15-11/9
Title: 14th Annual Dia de los Muertos Exhibit
Notes: Procession, reception, paper cut-out workshop with Carmen Lomas Garza

Cat No.: EX1985.11 Dates: 11/29-12/24
Event: Christmas Folk Art Sale


Cat No.: EX1986.01 Date: 1/17
Title: People to People
Notes: 9/19 Mexico City Earthquake Relief Project; The Earthquake in Mexico by
exican Museum and Galeria; dinner party/slide show/videotape benefit

Cat No.: EX1986.02 Dates: 2/21-3/29
Title: Tragedy and Hope
Artists: Jorge Acevedo, Ulises Castillanos, Citali Rovirosa Madrazand, David
oodyear, Arturo Gutierrez, Guillermo Le Franc, Maria Rivera, Pedro Valtierra,
nrique Villasenor, Adriana Williams
Notes: Photographs, text, installations and photograph proofs of the earthquake

Cat. No: EX1986.03 Date: 3/27
Event: Reception for Paul Leduc
Notes: Screening of "Frida: Naturaleza Viva" in conjunction with S.F.
nternational Film Festival

Cat No.: EX1986.04 Date: 4/24
Event: Dance 4 Art
Notes: Matica Salsa, Latin Blues-benefit for Galeria de la Raza

Cat No.: EX1986.05 Dates: 4/12-5/1
Title: Roots and Wings
Artists: Jenny Concha, Carlos Loarca, Gustavo Rivera
Notes: Recent works

Cat No: EX1986.06 Dates: 5/16-6/20
Title: The Everchanging Exhibition
Artists: Eve Garcia, Ramiro Martinez
Notes: Changing selection of work and artists creating on location, proof sheets
f artists at work

Cat No.: EX1986.07 Date: 6/20
Notes: Felipe Ehrenberg, Presentation of Earthquake Releif money and update

Cat No.: EX1986.08 Dates: 7/23-7/25
Title: A Folk Art Evening with Zacarias Ruiz
Notes: Slide show with lecture, room set up for demonstration in Studio 24

Cat No.: EX1986.09 Dates: 7/15-8/24
Title: South Africa: State of Emergency
Artists: Juan Fuentes, Juana Alicia, Sal Garcia, Billboard Artist: Emmanuel

Cat No.: EX1986.1 Dates: 10/19-11/8
Title: Dia de los Muertos


Cat No.: EX1987.01 Dates: 1/30-2/21
Title: Steven Moses: A Memorial Exhibit
Notes: Paintings, drawings, sculpture and installation

Cat No.: EX1987.02 Date: 3/13
Title: Popol Vuh-Creation Myth of the Maya, animated file by Patricia Amlin
Notes: Premiere of film; benefit for Galeria

Cat No.: EX1987.03 Dates: 3/14-4/14
Title: Hiroshima and the Contadora Peace Process
Artist: Hiromi Tsuchida
Notes: Discussions by "Beyond War" list of Bay Area Hiroshima survivors

Cat No.: EX1987.04 Dates: 5/5-6/27
Title: Recuerdos de Frida
Notes: Part of "A Celebration of Frida Kahlo" in conjunction with the Mexican
useum; mixed-media exhibit of rare photos and original paintings, videos,
ilms, memorabilia

Cat No.: EX1987.05 Date: 5/22
Title: Recollections of Frida: An Evening of Conversation by Friends and
Notes: Showing of "Frida; Naturaleza Viva," "Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti,"
Life and Death of Frida," Performance by Guadalupe Garcia

Cat No.: EX1987.06 Dates: 7/7-8/4
Title: Art from Jail
Curator: organized by Enrique Chagoya
Notes: Painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, poetry, video and music by
rtists in residence and students from the arts program at San Francisco County

Cat No.: EX1987.07 Dates: 9/1-9/26
Title: La Mision Nueva
Artists: Students from Creativity Explored

Cat No.: EX1987.08 Dates: 10/15-11/14
Title: Dia de los Muertos

Cat No. EX1987.09 Dates: 10/28-10/30
Event: Dia de los Muertos Workshop
Artist: Miguel Linares
Notes: Paper Mache workshops by master artists from the Linares family


Cat No.: EX1988.01 Dates: 1/26-2/27
Title: From Behind Prison Walls: Art of Puerto Rican Patriots

Cat No.: EX1988.02 Dates: 3/15-4/9
Title: La Cruz: Exhibit of Crosses from Pre-Colombian Times and Present

Cat No.: EX1988.03 Dates: 4/26-5/21
Title: Espinas de la Vida
Artists: Ricardo Anguia, Jaime Palacios

Cat No.: EX1988.04 Date: 5/12
Event: Tito Puente Benefit
Artist: Tito Puente

Cat No.: EX1988.05 Dates: 5/12-6/17
Title: Face to Face
Notes: Cuban Film Posters Retrospective?

Cat No.: EX1988.06 Dates: 6/17-7/2
Title: The Defiant Eye
Artist: Ester Hernandez

Cat No.: EX1988.07 Date: 7/19
Event: Chicano Film Night
Artist: Ralph Maradiaga
Notes: Chicano films to benefit the Ralph Maradiaga Memorial Scholarship Fund
eld at the York Theatre

Cat No.: EX1988.08 Dates: 7/19-8/13
Title: Magical Visions
Artists: various
Notes: Contemporary Mexican photographs, also Chicano films including "A Measure
f Time" to benefit Ralph Maradiaga Scholarship Fund

Cat No.: EX1988.09 Dates: 9/6-10/1
Title: Cactus Hearts/Barbed Wire Dreams
Artist: Yolanda Lopez

Cat No.: EX1988.10 Dates: 10/18-11/2
Title: Dia de los Muertos 1988

Cat No.: EX1988.11 Dates: 11/25-12/24
Event: Christmas Folk Art Sale
Artists: various
Notes: benefit for the Galeria


Cat No.: EX1989.01 Dates: 1/24-2/18
Title: Pinturalista: Vermillion Blues Spelling
Artists: Juana Alicia, Barbara Carrasco

Cat No.: EX1989.02 Dates: 3/14-4/15
Title: Evocando El Paraiso
Artist: Cristina Emanuel
Notes: Round Table discussion Friday 2/3 1989, 7-9pm,
reception Friday 1/27 7-9:30pm

Cat No.: EX1989.03 Dates: 5/2-6/3
Title: Dos Mundos
Artists: Lorraine Garcia, Enrique Vidal
Notes: Monoprints, bas relief sculpture, paintings, photos

Cat No.: EX1989.04 Dates: 6/20-7/22
Title: The Abstract Print: A Sample of Latin Printmaking
Artists: Jerry Concha, Nelson Felix, Oscar Cerzo, Carlos Pasquetti, Gustavo

Cat No.: EX1989.05 Dates: 7/1
Event: Book party for illustrators of three new bilingual childrens's books
Artists: Stephen V-on Mason, Jeg Reisberg, Enrique Chagoya
Notes: In conjunction with Children's Book Press

Cat No.: EX1989.06 Dates: 8/9-9/16
Title: Graciela Iturbide: Juchitan de las Mujeres
Artists: Graciela Iturbide
Notes: Solo photo exhibit

Cat No.: EX1989.07 Dates: 10/10-11/4
Title: Dia de los Muertos
Artists: Herminia Albarran, Ann Chamberlain, Mia Gonzales, Lawrence Herrera,
onzalo Hidalgo, Amalia Mesa Bains, Karen Nuñez, Lalo Obregon, Eva
arcia, Victor Zaballa
Notes: Procession, Exhibit, altares, papel picado illustrations, etc.

Cat No.: EX1989.08 Dates: 11/28-12/24
Event: Christmas Sale


Cat No.: EX1990.01 Dates: 1/23-2/24
Title: Borderwatch: Five Years Later
Artists: Border Arts Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo
Notes: 2/2 reception for show and book "Reimaging America: The Arts of Social

Cat No.: EX1990.02 Date: 2/6
Event: Border Brujo
Artists: Richard Lau, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Michael Schnorr
Notes: performance

Cat No.: EX1990.03 Dates: 3/25-4/31
Title: Un Rincon Cerca del Cielo
Notes: Comic book show

Cat No.: EX1990.04 Dates: 5/8-6/16
Title: Twentieth Anniversary Show
Notes: 5/11 reception

Cat No.: EX1990.05 Date: 5/24
Event Recordar es Vivir Tres Veces
Notes: an evening of remembering the people and times of Galería's first
0 years

Cat No.: EX1990.06 Dates: 7/3-8/11
Title: Homenaje a Ralph Maradiaga
Artist: Sal Garcia

Cat No.: EX1990.07 Date: 7/19
Event: Chicano Issues: A Forum for Artists and the Community

Cat No.: EX1990.08 Dates: 9/4-10/13
Title: New Directions
Artists: Silvia Gruner, Yuki Shimora

Cat No.: EX1990.09 Dates: 10/11
Event: New Directions Performance
Notes: Performance group piece with Gruner Shimora dancing to Trio Rusel Baba

Cat No.: EX1990.10 Dates: 10/23-11/20
Title: Dia de los Muertos

Cat No.: EX1990.11 Dates: 12/01-12/24
Event: Bazaar Navideño
Notes: Studio 24 Benefit folk art sale for Galería de la Raza


Cat No.: EX1991.01 Dates: 1/22-2/23
Title: RCAF Lands in San Francisco
Artists: RCAF: Juanishi Orozco, Jose Montoya

Cat No.: EX1991.02 Dates: 3/19-4/13
Title: Arte Guerra Paz: Artistas for Peace
Artist: Juan Fuentes

Cat No.: EX1991.03 Dates: 4/20-5/25
Title: Cruisin' with Magu
Artists: Gilbert Sanchez Lujan, "Magu"

Cat No.: EX1991.04 Dates: 6/21-7/27
Title: Domestic Allegories: Works by Patssi Valdez and John Valdez
Artists: Patssi Valdez and John Valdez

Cat No.: EX1991.05 Dates: 8/16-9/21
Title: Puerta a Puerta
Notes: Exhibition of home art owned by Mission community residents

Cat No.: EX1991.06 Dates: 10/15-11/9
Title: Ex-Votos y Ofrendas-Dia de los Muertos: A Woman's Point of View
Artists: Cheyenne Garcia, Cristina Corrada, Cristina Emmanuel, Deborah Semel,
rin Goodwin-Guerrero, Esperanza Martinez, Yolanda Lopez, Holly Barnett-Sanchez,
ate Connell, Linda Vallejo, Margaret Garcia, Mia Gonzalez, Miranda Bergman,
ancy Hom, Jones/Curtis Fukuda, Carol Molly Prier, Cristina Fernandez, Amalia
esa Bains, Ester Hernandez, Karen Nuñez

Cat No.: EX1991.07 Dates: unknown
Title: Bazaar Navideño

Exhibition year theme: The Quincentennial Anniversary of Colombus in America

Cat No.: EX1992.01 Dates: 2/18-3/21
Title: First Invasion: El Caribe
Artists: Mario Brito, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Juan Boza, George Crespon, Cristina
mmanuel, Pepon Osorio, Juan Sanchez
Curator: Amalia Mesa-Bains
Notes: Contemporary artists of the Caribbean

Cat No.: EX1992.02 Dates: 4/14-5/9
Title: Meso-America: Resistance and Continuity
Artists: Rimer Cardillo, Josely Carvalho, Alfredo Ceibal, Alvaro Garcia,
atalina Parra, Pedro Perez
Curator: Inverna Lockpez
Notes: Contemporary artists of Central America

Cat No.: EX1992.03 Dates: 5/26-6/27
Title: America Latina: New World Mestizaje
Artists: Alejandro Arostegui, Moises Barrios, Rodolfo Molina, Ezequiel Padilla,
arta Eugenia, Valle Contreras
Curator: coordinated by Ana Montano
Notes: Contemporary artists of Latin America

Cat No.: EX1992.04 Dates: 7/17-9/5
Title: Indigenous Peoples: No Boundaries

Cat No.: EX1992.05 Date: 10/13-11/14
Title: Making Time/Marking Place: Dia de los Muertos

Cat No.: EX1992.06 Dates: unknown
Event: Bazaar Navideño


Cat No.: EX1993.01 Dates: 2/23-3/27
Title: El Sabor

Cat No.: EX1993.02 Dates: 4/13-5/15
Title: La Fe

Cat No.: EX1993.03 Dates: 6/1-7/31
Title: La Moda

Cat No.: EX1993.04 Dates: 8/31-10/2
Title: Mexican Book Arts: Introduction within Tradition

Cat No.: EX1993.05 Date: 10/1
Title: Dia de los Muertos

Cat No.: EX1993.06 Dates: unknown
Event: Bazaar Navideño


Cat No.: EX1994.01 Dates: 1/25-2/26
Title: A World Without Borders: The Works of Judith Francisca Baca
Artist: Judy Baca

Cat No.: EX1994.02 Dates: 3/15-4/23
Title: Figuras y Alegoria: Glass Works by Einar and Jamex de la Torre
Artists: Einar and Jamex de la Torre

Cat No.: EX1994.03 Dates: 5/17-6/4
Title: Aim for the Limits: A Children's Photography Exhibit

Cat No.: EX1994.04 Dates: 6/28-7/23
Title: Dos Caras/ Two Faces: The Works of Ruben Trejo
Artist: Ruben Trejo

Cat No.: EX1994.05 Dates: 8/16-9/24
Title: Vanguard of the Chicano Movement

Cat No.: EX1994.06 Dates: 10/18-11/5
Title: Dia de los Muertos


Cat No.: EX1995.01 Dates: 2/14-3/25
Title: Lagrimas y Sonrisas: The First (Re)Generation Exhibit
Curator: Armando Rascon

Cat No.: EX1995.02 Dates: 4/18-5/27
Title: Another Life Inside Her Head: Emerging Chicana/Latina Artists
Curator: Amalia Mesa Bains with Pilar Aguero

Cat No.: EX1995.03 Dates: 6/24-7/29
Title: El Corazon Me Dió Un Salto: A Queer Raza Exhibition
Curator: Rodriguez and Nao

Cat No.: EX1995.04 Dates: 9/11-12/10
Title: A Defiant Legacy: 1970-1995
Curator: Tere Romo
Notes: Off-site anniversary exhibition at Center for the Arts/Yerba Buena

Cat No.: EX1995.05 Dates: 10/17-11/4
Title: Dia de los Muertos

Cat No.: EX1995.06 Dates: 12/1-12/24
Event: Bazaar Navideño


Cat No.: EX1996.01 Dates: 1/17-3/2
Title: Sueños Prometidos
Artists: Virginia Benavidez, Catalina Govea, Ruben Guzman, Antonio Tovar
Notes: Panel discussion with artists Ruben Guzman and Antonio Tovar and subjects
n photos

Cat No.: EX1996.02 Dates: 3/12-4/27
Title: Andando Lejos
Artists: Tamoanchan Artist Group: Medardo Alfaro, Artemio Rodriguez, Victor
artagena, Reinaldo Zavalo, Ricardo Portillo, Carlos Cartagena, Carmelo Zavala,
artivon Galindo, Fidelina Aguilar Peña, Benedicto Zavala, Manuel De Paz
Curator: Claudia Bernardi
Notes: Reception, March 16, 3-6pm, artist talk: March 23, 3-5pm

Cat No.: EX1996.03 Dates: 5/7-6/15
Title: Undocumented Passage: Stories of Migration
Artists: Nick D. Gomez, Amelia Rodrigues, Joseph Sung, Miguel Torres
Notes: Artist reception: May 11th, 3-6pm
Artist talk and workshop: May 18th, 2-4pm

Cat No.: EX1996.04 Dates: 7/7-8/10
Title: Go Unnoticed: Images of (Re)generation

Cat No.: EX1996.05 Dates: 8/10-10/5
Title: Beyond Boundaries: Recent Work by Enrique Chagoya
Artist: Enrique Chagoya
Curator: Gloria Jaramillo
Notes: Artist reception: 8/24, 3-6pm
Artist talk: 8/31, 3-5pm

Cat No.: EX1996.06
Title: Bazaar Navideño


Cat No.: EX1997.01
Title: Reconstructing Califas: New Roads in Chicano Art

Cat No.: EX1997.02
Title: Growing Into Your Cultural Skin

Cat No.: EX1997.03
Title: Home Grown: The Fields of Califas

Cat No.: EX1997.04
Title: My Life as a Comic Stripper

Cat No.: EX1997.05
Title: My Cathedral

Cat No.: EX1997.06
Title: Electronic Memories

Cat No.: EX1997.07
Title: Bazaar Navideño


Cat No.: EX1998.01
Title: Imaging Aztlan

Cat No.: EX1998.02
Title: El Niño: Chaos and Destruction

Cat No.: EX1998.03
Title: Hilos del Sol: Mariana Yampolsky y los Mazahua

Cat No.: EX1998.04
Title: ?

Cat No.: EX1998.05
Title: Dia de los Muertos

Cat No.: EX1998.06
Title: Bazaar Navideño


Cat. No. EX1999.01 

Dates: April 3 - September 5, 1999

Little Brown Bodies:  An open-form exhibit that was constantly changing. The exhibition and commentaries on the works reflect on-going encounters, conversations, and studio visits with the artists and Carolina Ponce de León, Galería's new Executive Director. "Little Brown Bodies" brings together works by artists whose works address issues of identity and difference -- personal, cultural, political, sexual -- through the representation of the body.  Artists includedAdál, Francisco Camplis, Víctor Cartagena, Leonard Castellanos, Eugenio Castro, Enrique Chagoya, Sal García, Gómez-Peña & La Pocha Nostra, Ester Hernández, Gigi Otálvaro, Isis Rogríguez, Daniel Salazar.

Cat. No. EX1999.02

Dates: June 5 - June 21, 1999

Mi Vida Loca/Mi Arte Loco: An Exhibition of Pinto Art: an exhibition of fierce, ultrabaroque ballpoint and pencil art from the South West. Many of the self-taught artists featured in this exhibit are currently in prison, but their cultural pride shines through. The drawings are intricate, iconographic, fatalistic and filled with recurring images of dazzling lowriders, prisons, gang violence, idealized beauties of the Mexican revolution and images of Jesus and the Virgen of Guadalupe. The exhibition is a collaboration with Mi Vida Loca Magazine, a publication of art, literature and poetry for young Latinos/as. In addition to the exhibition, Galería will host an open-mike event for young poets.

Cat. No. EX1999.03

Dates: July 9 - July 24, 1999

Making a Case for Community History  In collaboration with the Gay and Lesbian Historical Society, Galería will present an exhibition showcasing archival materials -- art, photography, props, costumes, publications -- which document the culture, history and arts of Gay and Lesbian communities of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Some of the communities represented include: the Latino, African American, Native American, and Asian American communities of San Francisco.

Cat. No. EX1999.04 

Dates: September 18 - November 7, 1999

Papel Picado: The Paper Cut-Outs of Carmen Lomas-Garza  was South Texas-born Chicana's first public presentation of artworks created by her in this traditional medium. It featured 17-large paper cut-outs.  The cut-outs, or Papel Picado, are the evolution of a centuries-old Latin American tradition. Inspired by the Chicano Movement, Carmen Lomas Garza's works concentrate on the everyday lives of Mexican Americans based on her memories and experiences in South Texas.

Cat. No. EX1999.05

Dates: November 20 - December 20, 1999

Bomba! Latino Erotica. A juried exhibition produced by Galería's (Re)Generation Collective. An evening of performance and poetry by emerging Latino writers will be held in conjunction with the exhibition. 


Cat. No. EX2000.01

Dates: February 4 - June 23, 2000

The Brown Sheep Project Organized by Galería de la Raza in collaboration with La Pocha Nostra, Circuit Network and La Peña Cultural Center. The Brown Sheep project is a high energy performance workshop by performance artist, Mac Arthur fellow and All Things Considered contributor Guillermo Gómez-Peña. The workshop will lead to 2 public performances: one at Galería (June 23) and the second at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley (June 25th). The workshops are free of charge and will be held @ the Galería de la Raza.

Cat. No. EX2000.02

Dates: March 4 - April 15, 2000

The Life & Times of Culture Clash: A 15-year Journey An exhibition featuring the art of Culture Clash and paintings, drops, drawings, prints & artworks by a variety of artists, including Jose Antonio Burciaga, Gronk, Acebo, David Avalos and others.

Cat. No. EX2000.03

Dates: April 21 - June 4, 2000

Out of Line: Chicano/Latino drawings & works on paper An exhibition of drawings featuring cartoons, tattoo designs & pinto & fine art drawings by artists from the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Mexico, and Colombia. Artists: Ester Hernández, Felipe Erhenberg, Jose Antonio Suárez, Lalo Alcaraz, Artemio Rodriguez, Leon Ferrari, among others

Cat. No. EX2000.04

Dates: June 23 - September 10, 2000

Amigo Racism: Mickey Mouse Meets the Taco Bell Chihuahua, 2000) An exhibition examining how American artists of color have internalized, appropriated and transformed racial and cultural representations circulated and perpetuated through the media and pop culture. It comprised works by 25 artists, including emerging and established artists. Participating artists include: Lalo Alcaraz, Enrique Chagoya, Laura Molina, Gigi Otálvaro, Isis Rodriguez, and Nadin Ospina, among others.

Cat. No. EX2000.05

Dates: September 23 - November 5, 2000

El Último Difunto In collaboration with the Mexican Museum. A (Re)Generation-artist produced project presenting a critical perspective on the "mainstreaming" of Day of the Dead celebrations in California.


Cat. No. EX2001.01

Dates: February 3 - March 31, 2001

Atlas(t): A Mapping Expedition/Exhibition from Asian/Pacific/Latino Artists

A (Re)Generation Project in collaboration with Kearney Street Workshop-Next

Members of (Re)Generation, Galería's emerging artists program collaborate with their Asian counterparts at Kearny Street Workshop to assemble a fresh series of collaborative art events.  The centerpiece of this collaboration will be atlas(t), a 35-artist exhibition of new multimedia art. 

Cat. No. EX2001.02

Dates: April 20 - June 2, 2001

In the Heart of the World: Fotos, Arte, Videos y Otros Bienes de la Insurgencia Zapatista.

In the Heart Of the World explores the history and political ramifications of the Zapatista movement through an exhibit focusing on the visual culture and language identified with the uprising.  It includes photographs depicting the famous, infamous and unknown participants in the Zapatista uprising, Zapatista folk embroideries, dolls and hand-crafts, zapatistabilia, and videos.

Cat. No. EX2001.03

Dates: June 22 - August 26 2001

Los Cybrids: Tecno-Putografía Virtual

A new-genre public arts project featuring works and performance by Latino/a artists whose work incorporates the latest digital and web technologies while remaining intensely critical of cyber-cheerleading. The project reflects the ongoing vitality of the Mexican mural tradition and the Bay Area's leading role in the incorporation of the new technologies into the region's non-profit visual and performing arts programs.

Cat. No. EX2001.04

Dates: September 22 - November 17, 2001

Ester Hernandez: Everyday Passions

An exhibition presenting recent works by a major Chicana artist.  Ester Hernandez has been associated with both San Francisco's Mission District and the Galería since the 1970s, exhibiting in some of the gallery's earliest shows. Over the decades, her work has stood out for it's humor, high craft and political bite.  She has continued to play a key role in the Galería's activities, as an unofficial artistic advisor to the organization and most importantly, as a mentor for young Latino artists. With this exhibition, Ester Hernandez brings her artwork back to the Galería.

Cat. No. EX2001.05

Dates: December 15- December 29, 2001

The Affordable Xmas Art Show


Cat. No. EX2002.01  

Dates: February 2, 2002

We Carry A Home With Us: Post-Immigrant Reflections

In Collaboration with La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley

La Peña Cultural Center Artist in Residence Elia Arce leads a cast of emerging Latino/a spoken word and performance artists from the Bay Area in a multi-media, spoken word performance focusing on the issue of Latino immigrant relations to family, society and each other.

Performers include Bay Area Spoken word artists: Paul Flores, Alma Garcia, Leticia Hernandez, Anna Herrera, Melissa Lozano, Marc Pinate, Gigi Otalvaro-Hormillosa, Jime Salcedo-Malo, Pablo Rodriguez, and Isaias Rodriguez.

Cat. No. EX2002.02  

Dates: March 9 - May 11, 2002

Photographic Memory & Other Shots in the Dark

Photographic Memoryfeatures photography, video, and computer-mediated art by 14 artists from the Bay Area, Sacramento, San Diego and from Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, and Uruguay. Featured artists will focus on the way photos reinforce, distort, create and dissolve memory. Honoring and disrupting traditional photographic techniques, the artists try to shoot the unshootable while subverting the alleged "objectivity" of the medium.

Participating artists include: Richard Lou & Robert Sanchez alias Los Antropolocos (San Diego), Francisco Dominguez (Sacramento),  Pedro Lepe (Mexico-Bay Area), Oscar Muñoz (Colombia), Wura Natasha Ogunji (Oakland), Tatiana Parcero (Mexico-Miami), Marta María Pérez Bravo (Cuba-Monterrey, Mexico), Armando Rascón (San Francisco), Alfredo Salomón (Mexico), Ana Tiscornia (Uruguay-NYC), Susie Valdez (San Francisco), and Miguel Angel Rojas (Colombia).

Cat. No. EX2002.03  

Dates: July 13 - August 31, 2002

Substance of Choice

(Re)Generation Annual Group Exhibition

Cat. No. EX2002.04  

Dates: September 7 - September 14, 2002

The Resurrection of Tigilau

Multimedia installation by Dan Taulapapa McMullin, Marcos Larsen, and Linda Reynolds.

Three artists working in different mediums -- sound, music, and visual arts -- and coming from different cultural backgrounds -- Latino, Samoan, and USA -- have come together to create this audio installation that re-tells the Samoan story, The Resurrection of Tigilau, by sourcing traditional Samoan narratives, oral histories and contemporary environmental location recordings.

Cat. No. EX2002.05  

Dates: September 28 - November 23, 2002

Viology: Violence of Culture & Cultures of Violence

A group exhibition presenting artists from the Bay Area, New York, Los Angeles, as well as from Costa Rica, Colombia, El Salvador and Mexico whose works address issues of violence. Featuring artworks created in different mediums, Viology explores how artists of color respond to particular experiences of violence ranging from pervasive "commercial" media representations, to domestic, political, and institutional forms of violence. Artists include: Juan Manuel Echavarría (Colombia), Priscila Monje (Costa Rica), Arnaldo Morales (Puerto Rico - USA), Julio Morales (San Francisco), Ana Claudia Munera (Colombia), Sergio de la Torres (Bay Area), Gustavo Vasquez (Mexico-Bay Area), and others.

Cat. No. EX2002.06  

Dates: November 23 - December 15, 2002

Xmas Art Show

The Xmas Art Show allows Galería to enhance it's own economic development by mounting an exhibit where the all the art is for sale. It also provides an opportunity for a dozen artists and craftspersons to exhibit and sell their work in an attractive, professional gallery setting.


Cat. No. EX2003.01  

Dates: February 8  - March 22, 2003

Patrick "Pato" Herbert: Somoson

Somosons features a series of large-scale photographs and light-boxes by LA-based artist, Pato Herbert. Herbert has been photographing spaces within and between two notions tierra [Earth, land] and territory. Tierratories is concerned with spaces peculiar to L.A., which are intelligent and evocative in their visual anarchy, and which seem to be quite Third World in their aesthetic sensibilities. 

Cat. No. EX2003.02  

Dates: May 17 - 31, 2003

Moment's Notice

Moment's Notice is a collective collage that will be created at Galería de la Raza between April 16th and May 2nd. To create it, Galería will use a radically open exhibiting system: all artists/poets are invited to bring a hang-ready 2D art piece addressing their immediate and most pressing thoughts and concerns about our times.  The artist will then choose a spot on the wall and add his/her piece to the collective wallscape.  The final collage will be called Moment's Notice.

Cat. No. EX2003.03  

Dates: June 15 - August 9, 2003

Armando Rascón: Border Xicanography 

Over the past 20 years, SF-based Chicano artist Armando Rascón has researched the underpinnings of cultural boundaries. Rascón created a site-specific multimedia installation exploring the whimsical and hybrid religious practices found in US/Mexico border towns. From Boudhas and Virgins of Guadalupe, to "Boudhalupes" and hybrid saints canonized by undocumented border-crossers, Rascón examines religious pop/street culture inviting to a reflection on spirituality, urgency, cultural hybridity and art.

Cat. No. EX2003.04  

Dates: August 31 - October 20, 2003

Land Rites

Annual ReGeneration Group Exhibition

Each year, the ReGeneration Advisory Board organizes an emerging artist group exhibition. This year the curatorial team will invite a group of 10 to 15 Bay Area Latino artists working in all media.

Cat. No. EX2003.05  

Dates: November 22, 2003

Pachanga!! Holiday Auction and Art Sale

This holiday auction and art sale will feature works by emerging and established artists who support Galería's mission.  The exhibition serves as a fundraising event and cultivates collectors. 


Cat. No. EX2004.01  

Dates: January 24 -  March 27, 2004

C_Scape features artists based in Bogotá, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco whose works explore the (ex)change of cultural information in the context of contemporary urban life. Curated by Deborah Cullen (Curator, El Museo del Barrio NYC) and Carolina Ponce de León (Executive Director, Galería de la Raza, San Francisco), C_Scape is the first of a series of "suitcase" exhibitions entitled "Contrabando" [Smuggled Goods]. Through this series, Galería invites a guest curator to develop an exhibition that potentially fits in a suitcase, as a response to the increasing budget cuts, particularly in the state of California. Through this collaborative effort, Galería intends to continue presenting potent and meaningful programming. Participating Artists: Charles Beronio (USA), Fran¨ois Boucher (Colombia), Paco Cao (Spain), Claudia Joskowicz (Bolivia), Carlos Lersundy (Colombia), and Mario Ybarra Jr. (USA)

Cat. No. EX2004.02  

Dates: April 15 - May 23, 2004


Divinamente presents video, photography, and installation work by thirteen artists living and working in Colombia and who are exhibiting their work for the first time in the Bay Area.  Artists: Wendy Anzola, Sylvie Boutiq, José Tómas Giraldo, Simon Hernández, Humberto Junca, Alejandro Mancera, Juan Mejía, Ana María Millán, Yomayra Puentes, Catalina Rodriguez, Gabriel Sierra, Giovanni Vargas, and Rolando Vargas. Curated by Michèle Faguet, Director of Espacio La Rebeca, Bogotá, Colombia.

Cat. No. EX2004.03  

Dates: Dates: June 5th - July 17, 2004

URBAN  ECHOS: Wind, River, Trees, Clouds, Chickens, and Orange

Urban Echoes features photography, digital prints and video by eight artists from Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico and the U.S., who look at nature and landscapes from an urban perspective. The exhibition includes September 10 2001, a video by Monika Bravo filmed from the 30th floor of the World Trade Center on the eve of the tragic attacks; photographic prints by María Elvira Escallón of wood carvings done directly to native trees in Colombian forests; video portraits of chickens and other animals by María Fernanda Cardoso, the journeys of Felipe Dulzaides' pet orange through downtown SF, and other works that rescue fragments of nature from the harsh angularity and crowded isolation of the urban centers that shape our gaze.

Participating Artists: Monika Bravo (Colombia-NYC), Bibi Calderado (Argentina - NYC), María Fernanda Cardoso (Colombia-Sydney), Francisco Dominguez (USA), Felipe Dulzaides (Cuba-San Francisco), María Elvira Escallón (Colombia-Bogotá), Sean MacFarland (USA), and Armando Rascón (USA)


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