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Calendario Exhibition

Saturday, January 22, 1977 - Sunday, February 13, 1977

An exhibit of original silkscreen calendars from 1973-77 by RCAF and Galería artists organized by René Yañez and Ralph Maradiaga. Participating artists include: Ricardo Favela; Juanishi Orosco; Patricia Rodríguez; René Yañez; Rodolfo (Rudy) Cuellar; Esteban Villa; Xavier Viramontes; José Montoya; Ralph Maridiaga; and others.

Calendarios/Calendars Throughout the 1970s, artists associated with Galería created silkscreen Calendarios, consisting of thirteen original prints, as a source of income for artists and as a means to make art accessible to the community. Produced by the leading artists of the Chicano art movement, Calendarios became a vehicle for the re-definition of popular Mexican traditions as well as an exploration of Chicano/Latino cultural identity. Through Calendarios, Chicano/Latino artists interpreted themes, motifs and ideas specific to their political and social concerns.


Rudy Cuellar
Ricardo Favela
Ralph Maradiaga
José Montoya
Juanishi Orosco
Patricia Rodriguez
Esteban Villa
Xavier Viramontes


<b>Artist Unknown</b>
<b>La Victoria</b> <b>Roberto Bonilla</b> <b>Artist unknown</b> <b>Roberto Bonilla</b> Cover 1974 Calendar Collection <b>Historia de California</b>
Calendar cover Installation view Installation view Installation View 
Mission Movie Poster Calendar What Cha Say, Man? <b>In collaboration with Joe Juarez</b>
Renacimiento de la Gente
Photo by Joe Juarez Cover for 1975 Galería Calendar Cover for Galería 1973 Calendar
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