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Ciudades X Todos / Loteria

Monday, November 18, 2019

Ciudades X Todos / Loteria created by Ani Rivera and Jeremy Liu, designed by Helena Cardona. 



High-quality neighborhoods and public infrastructure are fundamental building blocks for health and economic opportunity. All-in cities work to make all of their neighborhoods healthy, connected communities of opportunist and build infrastructure that increases connectivity and mobility for underserved communities. 



A skilled workforce is the key to city success in the global economy. All-in cities grow their talent pool through public education and workforce strategies that equip low-income children and workers with the skills they need to succeed. 



Economic security—having enough money to cover basic needs and enough savings to weather setbacks and invest for the future—is critical to the health and well-being of families, neighborhoods, and local economies. All-in cities work to put low-income families and workers on a path to economic security.



Housing in the lynchpin for opportunity: the location and quality of the home you can afford not only affects your living space and household budget—it determines the quality of your schools, the length of your commute, and more. All-in cities work to expand housing opportunity and prevent displacement of low-income communities of color. 



All-in cities are places where residents who have little money and power fully participate in city life and create their neighborhoods and the city. They also ensure just policing and court systems by ending the criminalization of communities of color and investing in prevention and restorative justice.


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