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Abolish Borders/Derrumban Fronteras

Digital Mural Project by Gilda Posada

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Abolish Borders/ Derrumban Las Fronteras/ اهلا وسهلا بالمسلمين هنا/ پناهندگان خوش آمديد is based on Gilda Posada’s Destroy White Supremacy Project. 

This mural pays tribute to our many loved ones- family members, community members, and many more- whose lives and daily decisions are being affected by imaginary and physical walls. This mural is a call to action against deportations, documentation, and racist policies that keep 500+ years of systemic dehumanization at play.

Artist Statement: I created a series of silk-screen posters following the November 8 election results. This project is based on the fascist rhetoric and racist platforms which manifested across the U.S. as part of presidential campaign. These works were fueled by the exhaustion, disappointment, and anger that was felt by many communities of color, who were told that they did not belong or were not wanted in this country. This artwork is a tribute to the many people who decided that enough is enough and that they would not go down without a fight. This project is for the great celebration of the revolution that has begun on account of these policies. But most of all, this work is for those who come together to relentlessly radicalize a better future for tomorrow in the name of the generations that came before us and for those that are to come after us.

Free and Open to the public. Street level on the corner of Bryant Street at 24th Street


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