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De Santurce a la Bahia, La Bomba es Vida

An evening of Afro Puerto Rican Bomba and Plena with La Familia Cepeda direct from Puerto Rico

Friday, July 15, 2016 | 8:00 pm

Brava! Theater Center
2781 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110


Taller Bombalele, through the generous grants by NALAC, City of Oakland Artist Grant, and Akonadi is happy to have Jesus Cepeda affectionately known as "El Tambor Mayor" as a summer resident artist this year, in addition to Jesus, who is the elder of the family, considered a cultural treasure for the Puerto Rican community, members of La Familia Cepeda are also joining for the last 10 days of his residency to be able to offer the local Bomba community specialized workshops, lectures, community jams, and a performance on Friday, July 15th at Brava in SF.

Bomba is a music and dance tradition in Puerto Rico which dates back to the 1600's or earlier, which was the music and a way of resisting, remembering, and survival for slaves brought to Puerto Rico during the colonization of the island to work the sugar cane plantations.  It is unique to Puerto Rico and shares many similarities with other Afro Latino/Carribbean music and has its particularities as influenced not only by the slaves brought to the island from the Congo, Bantu, and Ashanti/Amina regions but also by the Native Tainos of the island and the Spanish colonizers.

This is an amazing opportunity to be able to witness this family, cultural ambassadors who have been practicing their musical tradition, which is more of a way of life for them, for more than 7 generations uninterrupted.  La Familia Cepeda, for many generations have been cultural warriors of this tradition, led by their patriarch, El Patriarca de la Bomba, Don Rafael Cepeda Atiles and Doña Caridad Cepeda Brenes.  Through this residency we are joined by their children led by Jesus Cepeda Brenes as well as their grandchildren and great grandchildren, we will have an opportunity to learn from them and share with them in this wonderful cultural tradition and way of life through their lived experience in it. 

Learn more about the Cepeda's cultural legacy here

$20 Advance Purchase or $25 at the door


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