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Jessica SABOGAL, 2014, Artist in Residence
Jessica SABOGAL, 2014, Artist in Residence

Women Are Perfect (If You Let Them!)

Studio 24 Exhibition

Saturday, August 9, 2014 - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Artist Jessica Sabogal’s latest series of paintings “Women Are Perfect! (If You Let Them)” is the beginning of a campaign for radical understanding, self-expression and a movement for the evolution of natural identity and body justice.

Sabogal believes that as women, we are everything we need. We are literally places of birth, as womb, and this world could not continue, could not generate, could not go on without us and our bodies. We belong to ourselves. “Women Are Perfect! (If You Let Them)” marries incompatible images of women as made personal by the artist herself: the birth and growth of her nephew coincides with the internationally- and locally-scaled war on women that denies their perfection and personhood.

As the new Artist in Residence, Sabogal will be taking this concept off the canvas and into the streets. With the help of Galería, Sabogal will be doing four murals around San Francisco that will strive to demystify and decolonize women's bodies. It will depict the female form in relation to science and medicine -- topics addressed will be abortion, mammograms, breast-feeding and sexuality.

Jessica Sabogal Bio: For first generation Colombian American graffiti artist, Jessica Sabogal, art serves as a haven, a tribute, a creative outlet of adoration and exaltation for women with stories often untold. Her pieces possess a vision of female identity that is revolutionary and powerful, brave and beautiful. By utilizing a spray can, she aims to color her canvas by unraveling stories she once heard, lived, struggled, and loved. Throughout the years, Sabogal has consistently reinvented what it means to be a female graffiti artist in a male-dominated medium. She has continuously pushed the boundaries as an artist by utilizing her medium for social change, action, and empowerment, while reminding us of the simple but necessary notion that women are to be valued, glorified, respected, and above all, loved.


Jessica SABOGAL, 2014, Artist in Residence
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