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Digital Mural Project: "Youth So Educated Are Dangerous"

Featuring the collaborative work of Jessica Sabogal, Bay Area stencil-graffiti artist, Galería de la Raza, the Central American Resource Center’s (CARECEN) Youth Leadership Cohort (YLC) and legendary artist Yolanda Lopez

Saturday, December 14, 2013 - Friday, April 11, 2014

Join us on Saturday, December 14 for the unveiling of our next Billboard featuring the collaborative work of Jessica Sabogal, Bay Area stencil-graffiti artist, Galería de la Raza, the Central American Resource Center’s (CARECEN) Youth Leadership Cohort (YLC) and legendary artist Yolanda Lopez, who together designed and produced the next installment of Galería’s billboard: Youth So Educated Are Dangerous.

The team proudly carries the torch as they paint the mural at the corner of 24th and Bryant, joining influential Latino artists who have used this billboard as a platform for spreading positive social messages that connect with the Mission’s culturally rich community. As part of the creative process, Sabogal and Lopez facilitated weekly meetings with YLC to engage the team in conversations that explored the systematic challenges faced by youth and people of color. The final image is a reflection of their collective ideas and visions of change and an exploration of what it takes to become society’s next generation of movers and shakers and establishing a voice for young people of color.

“As young people, we should always have our palabra (word) and we should not be afraid to use it.” -Keanna, Participant

Celebration of the completion of the mural will be with a reception at Galería, where it will be unveiled in the company of our Mission and Bay Area community! All are welcome to meet the team for a special presentation on their experiences during this project, Q&A with the artists, and a reception complete with food, music, and dancing.

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About the team:

Jessica Sabogal is a Colombian-American stencil-graffiti artist based in the Bay Area. She has had exhibitions throughout San Francisco and Oakland, including a solo show at Betti Ono Gallery in March 2013. She is also the first female artist to be commissioned at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park and has been sponsored by world-class spray paint company, Montana Cans. Sabogal is pioneering a movement entitled “Women Are Perfect (If You Let Them),” which urges each woman to take ownership of her unique identity and recognize her body as perfect, thus eliminating the need for external validations and misconceptions around the word “perfect.” Her street mural in Bogotá, Colombia (September 2013) and her current project at La Galería de la Raza are the beginnings of this movement.

Yolanda Lopez is an esteemed Chicana-American painter and educator whose work is rooted in political and social change, particularly around the Mexican-American experience as it relates to stereotypes depicted in the media.

Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) of San Francisco provides vital direct services and engages in community development and advocacy to help create a vibrant and thriving Latino immigrant community. In Fall 2013, they formed the Youth Leadership Cohort - a year-long program for San Francisco youth aimed at preparing them for lifelong success by providing them with hands-on enrichment activities. The partners of this cohort include: Galería de la Raza, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF Women Against Rape, Mission Asset Fund, the Chicana Latina Foundation and Conscious Youth Media Crew. 

Youth Leadership Cohort Participants: Teresa-Nicte Alvarado, Brenda Chávez, Karina De La Rosa, Linda De La Rosa, Jennifer Flores, Alondra Gómez, Mariana Hernández, Ioaly Meza, Joaquin Salazar, Maria Villa and Keanna Tofiga. 


The Youth So Educated Are Dangerous mural was generously made possible with the support of the following:

- FedEx Kinkos California Palo Alto Location

- Jared Rusten Furniture Studio

- House of Color

- Montana Cans

- Laurenmarien Reyes, Artist Project Coordinator

- San Francisco Arts Commission 


Group photo of the billboard team, 2013
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