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"Pocho Adventure Club" Game Night

Studio 24 Presents Program

Friday, August 23, 2013 | 7:30 pm

The night will feature original board games designed by Pocho Adventure Club artist Rio Yañez, including Cholas vs. Dinosaurs, in which cholas use their Aquanet saves to sidestep deadly dinosaur encounters.

The night will also feature the debut of two new board games designed by the artist. Game rules to be posted - be sure to bring your game spirit.

Other public programs for Pocho Adventure Club:

Thursday, July 11: Artist reception 7:30pm-10pm

Saturday, August 3: Morrissey Karaoke Night as part of the Mission Arts and Performance Project (MAPP), 7:30pm-10pm 

Friday, August 23: Game Night, 7:30pm-10pm (Facebook)

Friday, September 13: Closing party / Comic Books As Chicano Theater, 7:30pm-10pm (Facebook)


Artist website >>

Exhibition on Facebook >>


Galería de la Raza is proud to continue with Studio 24 Presents, a series of window installations and displays by local artists to be featured at our new administrative offices. By effectively utilizing our corner space (the corner of 24th and Bryant Streets) and large windows, Studio 24 Presents will be an extension of our public art programming, which includes the Digital Mural Project billboard on Bryant Street. This program will provide an opportunity for artists to interact with the general public by inserting a bit of whimsy into the everyday, whether it be strolling down 24th Street or waiting for MUNI.

Studio 24 Presents also offers visual artists another point of entry into the organization, apart from Galería’s institutional exhibition programs. This new program seeks to raise the visibility of artists and promote artwork sales, providing both the artists and the organization new opportunities for economic sustainability.

We are delighted to introduce the second artist for this program with artist Rio Yañez. The Bay Area artist debuts Pocho Adventure Club, a series of window installations, illustrations, public programs, bingo nights, and karaoke-offs.

Says Yañez, “My primary interest, as an artist, is in combining icons and mythologies. As a child growing up Chicano, I was often frustrated that Chicano art and iconography rarely intersected with my personal mythologies of comic books, pro-wrestling, music, and Godzilla movies. My images bring together my heroes, friends, and childhood fantasies with Chicano aesthetics, traditional images, and politics. They are a fulfillment of my childhood yearnings and an exploration of my relationship to the worlds I walk between.”

All public programs free and open to the public


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