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In The Project Room: "Seres Queridos..."

Eva, José Antonio y Ralph

Friday, November 2, 2012 - Saturday, November 17, 2012

Join us in a moment of reflection as we honor three figures that were integral to the gallery's history who have passed.

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Eva Carole GarcíaJosé Antonio Burciaga, and Ralph Maradiaga will be honored through altares which will include photographs, narratives, and other ephemera from Galería's archives. We invite you to this intimate gathering recognizing the invaluable contributions these individuals made to Galería.

Day of the Dead is a time to reflect on a deceased loved one’s imprint on this world. It is a time to share stories about what made them special and unique; to remember the role they played in our personal lives and within the larger community. It is often a time of mourning but also a time for discovery and celebration.

Throughout our 42 years, Galería has served as a home to many artists, writers, thinkers and community leaders who have fed and sustained the creative energy of this organization. In keeping with the tradition of Day of the Dead, Galería would like to take a moment to pay homage to three of these beloved family members: Eva Carole Garcia, José Antonio Burciaga and Ralph Maradiaga. These individuals were community leaders whose commitment, love and daring vision gave rise to a movement that honored and gave voice to the Latino experience. While exploring our archive, stories have come to us from individuals and at other times they have stemmed from the shared memories that exist within the larger Galería communities. These stories remind us of the collective effort it took and still takes to sustain an organization that provides an alternative space for discussions of identity and culture.

“Seres Queridos” is our love letter to Eva, José Antonio and Ralph, whose contributions to Galería and the community are still deeply felt today. Their pioneering vision and dedication allowed those who followed in their footsteps the freedom to turn new dreams into reality and for that they will always be missed but never forgotten.

“We constructed a world and a heaven of our own, fragile as our imagination.  We turned dreams into reality.  No toy in the world was more real and more thrilling than that created with our own hands, from our imagination...” C/S                                                               

-José Antonio Burciaga

Free and open to the public


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