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Digital Mural Project: Rye Purvis


Thursday, October 11, 2012 - Thursday, October 25, 2012

Galeria de la Raza is pleased to present the latest installment of our Digital Mural Project by Rye Purvis.

Artist statement:

This time of year is racially charged with Americans celebrating Columbus Day and Thanksgiving. I created the "Decolonize Columbus Day" and "Redface" screenprints not only in conjuction with the Indigenous Arts Coalition exhibition in Galería’s main gallery, but for the occasion of this time of year. “Redface” is a term I use to describe many Americans’ use of "playing Indian," whether that's for Halloween, Hollywood, Thanksgiving recreations of Pilgrims and Indians, or otherwise. Many of these representations are overly stereotyped, generalized, and just tiresome. “Redface” personifies this.

A cool thing that my cousin from New Mexico, Rhonda, just told me the other day is that the Navajo Nation doesn't celebrate Columbus Day, but the kids still have to go to school. Maybe San Francisco could do the same. Columbus is just another overrated figure in history. A young kid came by the mural the other day and exclaimed that Columbus discovered America, while her dad gently explained to her that he didn't quite "discover" America. With the cowboy and the bright colors, I tend to approach ignorance with some humor at the same time: it's more approachable for me, and I keep more sane that way.


About the artist:

Rye Purvis moved to San Francisco from New Mexico in 2007. She received a BFA in Painting from SFAI last year. Using painting, sculpture, video, and fabric, Rye’s work is a direct commentary on the idealism of females in media, as well as the objectification of, more specifically, Native American women in media and history. Earlier this year, Rye has shown work at the Luggage Store Gallery in downtown San Francisco. Just recently, Rye also had work at the Guerrero Gallery for their September group show.  Rye works at the San Francisco Art Institute, but also finds time to instruct various mediums of art at the Meridian Interns Program and the Native American Health Center in San Francisco.

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Photo credited to The Suger Skull Gallery
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