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Digital Mural Project: Ana Teresa Fernandez

"Aquarius" (Performance documentation at San Diego/ Tijuana Border)"

Saturday, February 12, 2011 - Saturday, April 16, 2011

As part of our current exhibition, La Llorona Unfabled: Stories to retell to little girls, our Bryant Street billboard currently features Aquarius (Performance documentation at San Diego/ Tijuana Border) by lead artist, Ana Teresa Fernandez.  

Growing up in Mexico, Ana Teresa Fernandez learned at an early age about the double standards imposed on women and their sexuality. Through performance-based paintings, Fernandez explores the territories that encompass these different boundaries and stereotypes: physical, emotional, and psychological. 

Fernandez subverts the typical folkloric representations of Mexican women by changing the protagonist's uniform to the quintessential little black dress, a symbol of American prosperity and femininity and of the Mexican tradition of wearing black for a year after a death. Her paintings portray actual performances where Fernandez takes on the Sisyphean task of cleaning the environment - sweeping sand on a beach, vacuuming a dirt road - to accentuate the idea of disposable labor resources.

Ana received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and was the Tournasol Awardee at the Headlans Center for the Arts for 2007/2008. She has also completed residencies in Jakmel, Haiti at the Foundation d'arte Jakmel, and in Juarez Mexico through the LEF Foundation. Ana Teresa has exhibited her work at the San Francisco Arts Commission as a recipient of the Murphy Cadogan Award. She was also chosen for the National Association of Latino Art and Culture Award and the Cultural Equity Grant.


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