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Digital Mural Project: Juan Doe

ICOBA, The Sniffy Boys Present Nouveau Americana (zuzu)

Friday, October 9, 2009 - Friday, December 11, 2009


ICOBA, The Sniffy Boys Present: Nouveau Americana (zuzu)

Nouveau Americana (zuzu)

All stories begin with a language
A language rooted in the imagination
A place where art is more powerful than hate
A place where even the strange can survive

The word and the image has always held a mystical spell over my interests in the creation of a picture. It was what fostered my entry into the world of art when I began as a fan of comic books and a student of the craft of storytelling. Eventually my explorations led me into the disciplines of painting and poetry, where art is subjected to a much different worldview than that of comic books. In the same instance, our world experienced the greatest advancement of technological breakthroughs any single generation has ever seen.

This led to my concentrations in the field of technology, and to my obsession and attachment to computers and software as a vehicle to drive art to distances never possible in any previous generation. The creation of software applications—such as Photoshop and Illustrator—and the subsequent results brought to fruition by the groundbreaking explorations of these programs by artists over the past 3 decades, has evolved to unveil certain aspects of the mechanics and pro- cesses of our imagination that have revealed fresh and dynamic perspectives about our world. The results bringing us to a juncture where we are witnessing an event horizon of a new medium reaching its stride—the era of the digitally created image.

Originally, the piece on display for the Digital Mural Project was conceived to exist as a graphic painting on canvas. While rearranging it for the digital mural, I realized I would not be constrained by any of the limitations I would encounter by painting the image. There was simply more that I could incorporate by making it strictly digital and it seemed to me that the version I was doing for the mural was far superior in scope and impact than the one I was to paint. This presented a critical observation, if the digital version was more relevant than the painted version then I would simply present the digital version as the final conclusion. The intent being that regardless of where or how the image comes to life, the results are what is most important.

The ICOBA, Sniffy Boys Present: Nouveau Americana image is an ideal example of those re- sults. Executed as a formulation of many disciplines enacted to convey a singular, cohesive and poetic interpretation of a story, all the elements used are derived from the realm of the imagination. Intended ultimately as a message of hope, the piece is a allusion to the world of comics and cartoons, surrealism and abstraction and the simple but edifying nature of poetry. It is a story that can be read or observed, each element employing a collection of ideas come to life by ‘charac- terization’ — anointing the symbols with a personality and meaning beyond what can be seen on the viewing surface. Those who can make the connections will be privy to a deeper meaning, one brought about by an individuals internal system of experiences and interpretations.

-Juan Doe



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