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Crucero Artero:

A bi-monthly arts bazaar

Saturday, August 1, 2009 | 5:00 pm

Crucero Arteros are a bi-monthly crossroads of art, livelihood, y comunidad (community) in the heart of the Mission.  This month we're changing things up and featuring As I would Say's DJ Chango Julius, live silkscreening with Jesus Baraza, and tasty libations!   Come support and discover local arteros(artists), designers, and crafteros doin their thing.  These artists represent the Galeria's mission to support the work of local artists by providing a venue to show their arte. We are proud to host these bazaars and believe that the dazzling array of artistry speaks for itself.

August Lunada features asiwouldsay DJ Chango Julius,  El Campo Santo, Itzpaplotl, Danger Jones, Muheeka, sugar skull artist Michele Simons, Estudio Martita, and Tu Tienda Azteca, Satva, Coma & Cotton, Artexola, Txutxo Perez more to come!


Danger Jones

sugar skull artist Michele Simons - 

Tu Tienda Azteca-


estudio Martita -


3Satva -

Coma & Cotton -


Txutxo Perez-





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