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Digital Mural Project: Papo Colo

Jumping the Fences

Saturday, November 1, 2008 - Thursday, January 15, 2009

A performance based photograph by Puerto Rican artist, Papo Colo.

Jumping the Fences is one of 51 performance-based photographs by multi-media artist, Papo Colo. Jumping the Fences is photography, performance, poetry, history and travelogue, documenting the action of jumping 51 fences in different locations around New York City and abroad. The artist developed this project over a period of 13 months from December 2006 to December 2007. The metaphorical power of Jumping the Fence evokes the artistic drive to transgress limitations in all areas physical and intellectual. With this digital mural, Galería celebrates the end of the Bush years and the fresh beginning of a new and more hopeful era. ARTIST STATEMENT “Fences protect and isolate. They are a demarcation of an area, a symbol of possession, a 'keep off' sign and a command to stay within an area. They divide and unify, provide security and project fear. Their duality is our history. Fences and borders are reasons for war. They represent differences, our limitation for communication, territorial control, and a psychological fright to people, ideas and cultures.”


Papo Colo


<b><i>Jumping The Fences</b></i>
Documentation of Performance <i><b>Jumping the Fences</b></i>
Documentation of Performance <b><i>Jumping the Fences</b></i>
documentation of performance
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