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3/28/1970 | 12:00 am
Group Exhibition

Galería opened in 1970 on 14th Street and Valencia. It was established by a Chicano/Latino collective that included Rupert García, Peter Rodriguez, Francisco X. Camplis, Gustavo Ramos Rivera, Carlos Loarca, Manuel Villamor, Robert Gonzalez, Luis Cervantes, Chuy Campusano, Rolando Castellón, Ralph Maradiaga, and René Yañez.

4/28/1970 | 12:00 am
Women's Art Exhibition

According to René Yañez an exhibition of women's art took place.

Esteban Villa: Solo Exhibition

A solo show of works by Royal Chicano Air Force member, Esteban Villa.

7/26/1970 - 8/23/1970
Chicanos, Cuba y los 10 Millones

An exhibition by three members of the Venceremos Brigade. The exhibition featured photographs by Jay Ojeda and Roberto Pérez-Díaz. Drawings by Gloria Osuna and silkscreens by Medero were also included. (Information courtesy of Loras Ojeda)

9/1/1970 - 9/30/1970
Gustavo Rivera: Solo Exhibition

An exhibition featuring abstract paintings by Gustavo Ramos Rivera.

10/1/1970 - 11/8/1970
Arte del Barrio

An exhibition featuring works by Laurence Martínez, Carlos Loarca, Rolando Castellón, Adolfo Riestra, Gustavo Rivera, Luis Valsoto, Peter Rodriguez and Robert Gonzales

En el día de Guadalupe
A memorial show dedicated to acclaimed Chicano journalist Ruben Salazar. Participating artists included: Jay Ojeda, René Yañez, Mike Rios, Gustavo Rivera, Peter Rodríguez, Ralph McNeil, Carlos Loarca, Ralph Maradiaga, and Rupert García.

1/1/1971 - 2/1/1971
Paintings by Peter Rodríguez

No further information available.

1/15/1971 - 2/15/1971
Peter Rodriguez Solo Show

A solo show of abstract works by local artist, Peter Rodriguez

3/7/1971 - 4/1/1971
El Arte de Barrio por Jóvenes

No further information available.

4/28/1971 - 5/28/1971
Murals of New Chile and Brazilian Barrios

A solo exhibition featuring works by Chilean artist, Alejandro Stuart. Stuart's photographs explored the depths of the Brazilian ghetto, displaying life amid its' squalor. Also included in the exhibition were photographs of revolutionary Chilean murals.

6/11/1971 - 6/23/1971
Chicanos del Valle: RCAF Tortilla Show

Works by José Montoya and members of the Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF), a Sacramento-based art collective. Initially named the Rebel Chicano Art Front, the RCAF was founded in 1969 to express the goals of the Chicano civil rights movement of the United Farm Workers. Founding members include José Montoya, Esteban Villa, Juanishi V. Orosco, Ricardo Favela, and Rudy Cuellar.

6/25/1971 - 7/22/1971
Cartelones del Cine Mexicano

An exhibition of 1940s Mexican film posters

Robert Gonzales: Solo Exhibition

An exhibition of abstract work by Robert Gonzales (1939 -1981)

3/5/1972 - 3/25/1972
Group Exhibition

An exhibition featuring works by Consuelo Mendez, Rolando Castellón, Rupert García, Chuy Campusano, Peter Rodríguez, Domingo Rivera, René Yañez, and Graciela Carrillo.

3/26/1972 - 4/12/1972
Mayan Rubbings from Guatemala

No further information available.

4/13/1972 - 4/30/1972
El Ojo de Indio - La Raza Photography

No further information available.

5/3/1972 - 5/20/1972
Experimentos Gráficos

An exhibition of silkscreen prints by artists associated with la Galeria.

6/17/1972 - 7/7/1972
Mi Raza Linda

An exhibition of photographs by Francisco X. Camplis, renowned for his stylized nude portraits of Latina and indigeneous women that integrate ethnic-specific objects such as zarapes, Aztec imagery and Olmec masks.

7/9/1972 - 7/23/1972
Obras Gráficas de Rupert García y Ralph Maradiaga

An exhibition of prints and posters by renowned Chicano artists, Rupert García and Ralph Maradiaga.

9/13/1972 - 10/22/1972
Rivera, Orozco, Siquieros: Original Drawings and Prints

A traveling exhibition of original drawings and etchings by master Mexican muralists, Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros on loan from the MoMA archives. Organized by René Yañez.

11/2/1972 - 11/19/1972
Día de Los Muertos

This year marks Galería's first documented Día de los Muertos exhibit. This event offers Chicano artists a chance to re-create Mexican traditions of personal and collective remembering. In light of this first success, Galería makes El Día de la Muertos an annual event.

Obras Gráficas de Argentina, Brasil y Costa Rica

An exhibition of fine art prints by Latin American artists, Rosa Morant Guasch, Antonio Carlos Macién, Carlos Barbosa.

1/19/1973 - 2/13/1973
Canto a Cuba / Ode to Cuba
A tribute to Cuba featuring drawings, prints, posters, oils and etchings by Eduardo Arderi and José Lafitte.

2/14/1973 - 3/7/1973
Una Amenaza Y Una Promesa

An exhibition featuring works by José Ramos and photographs by Puerto Rican conceptual artist Adál.

3/31/1973 - 4/23/1973
Loarca-McNeil: Recent Paintings

Exhibition of drawings, paintings and radiographs by Carlos Loarca and Ralph McNeil.

4/23/1973 - 5/16/1973
Latin American Folk Arts & Crafts

No further information available.

6/1/1973 - 6/3/1973
Equal Angles

An exhibition featuring works by Jerry Concha and Rudy Serra.

6/29/1973 - 7/14/1973
Por Chile

Silkscreens from the President Allende Cultural Campaign

7/29/1973 - 8/12/1973
New Artists Show

An exhibition featuring works by Roger Reyes, Luis Cortázar, Eduardo Arderi.

8/16/1973 - 8/30/1973
Children's Art Show
No further information available.

9/7/1973 - 9/19/1973
El Sol Nunca Muere

An exhibition featuring works by Rolando Garcés.

10/5/1973 - 10/28/1973
Mujeres de Aztlán: Third World Women's Art

Mujeres de Aztlán: Third World Women's Art was an exhibition featuring works by Joyce Ajuna, Beverly Sanchez-Padilla, Ester Hernandez, Graciela Carrillo, Patricia Rodríguez, Irene Perez, Mía Galaviz, Sara Ortiz, Ana Montano, and Natalia Rivas.

Día de Los Muertos

No further information available.

12/15/1973 - 1/6/1974
The Peter Rodríguez Collection of Santos from the Mexican Museum

No further information available.

1/18/1974 - 2/2/1974
Serrano y Gallois

An exhibition of works by Benjamin Serrano and Danielle Gallois.

3/9/1974 - 3/31/1974
Soñar Despierto: Serigraphs and Mural Exhibit

An exhibition featuring works by Graciela Carrillo.

5/24/1974 - 6/14/1974
Poster Show

No further information available.

6/20/1974 - 8/31/1974
Mission Community Mural Exhibit

An exhibition featuring original sketches, photos and mural map of Mission District murals.

9/15/1974 - 9/27/1974
José G. Posada: Mexican Printmaker

An exhibition of lithographs by Mexican master printer, José Guadalupe Posada (1851-1913).

Photo exhibit

An exhibition of photographs by René Gelpi.

10/20/1974 - 11/1/1974
Leopoldo Méndez: Mexican Printmaker

An exhibition of lithographs by Leopoldo Méndez (1902-1969), master Mexican printer associated with the Taller de Artes Populares.

11/2/1974 - 11/23/1974
Día de los Muertos

Annual Day of the Day Exhibition curated by Rene Yañez and Ralph Maradiaga. Fourteen masks were on display ranging from animals to demons and calveras.

11/27/1974 - 12/15/1974
Gustavo Rivera/Carlos Loarca: Paintings

No further information available.

12/21/1974 - 1/15/1975
Molas and Photographs: The Kuna Indians of Panama

An exhibition presenting the intricate embroideries and documentary photography of the Cuna Indians of Panama.

2/1/1975 - 2/23/1975
Gentes de las Américas

An exhibition with Alejandro Stuart, Jesus Garza, Gilda Penteado, Manolo García, Hascar Cantillo, and Teeback.

3/1/1975 - 3/28/1975
On The Road: California State Coalition of Artists

An exhibition featuring works by Carlos Almaraz and Gilbert "Magu" Lujan.

3/5/1975 - 4/3/1977

An exhibition presenting works by Richard Fong, Phil Linares, Vino Garetti, David Ng, Suzanne Spater, Lionel Glaze, Lew Thomas, David Watanabe, James Weaver, José María Bustos, and Ondine Herschelle. Curated by Registrar (Inside) and José María Bustos (Outside).

4/12/1975 - 4/27/1975
Cerámicas de la Tierra: Contemporary Ceramics

An exhibition of ceramics organized by René Yañez and Ralph Maradiaga.

The One Day Exhibition

An exhibition featuring works by Estava Waldo, Richard Stahl, and Katherine Ish. Performance by the Stahl-ish actors

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