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Thu 3/1 - Mon 12/31
Program Announcement: Mission Artivism Project
Rooted in the celebration of community tradition, the Mission Artivism Project (MAP) is a civic engagement program focusing on cultural activism and site place-keeping.

Tue 8/7 - Fri 11/30
Seed Altar Installation
The works exhibited in Studio 24 are interactive pieces produced by artists from various immigrant communities.

Sat 8/18 - Fri 11/30
Maíz: Digital Mural Project by Federico Cuatlacuatl
Galería de la Raza is pleased to present Maíz, a digital mural project by Federico Cuatlacuatl, in conjunction with our Comida Es Medicina exhibition. 

Mon 10/29 - Sun 12/2
ACTION: Call or Write
Galería needs your support!

On October 29, 2018, we held a press conference and emergency community meeting to share the updates on Galería de la Raza's lease negotiations.

Within the hour of our morning press conference, we received a second 3-day Pay or Quit notice.  

The staff and board have acted in good faith, but the lease terms that are being offered are not fair or sustainable and will cause irreparable harm to Galería – to all of us. 

Now we need your support, we need you to call the property manager, GBA Realty or write to the Ng Family Trust and demand a FAIR AND REASONALBLE LEASE and WITHDRAW THE 3-DAY PAY OR QUIT NOTICE. 

Sun 11/18 - Tue 11/27
Mil Gracias!
Hello pueblo, 
Thank you all for your patience during these times. We appreciate all your support whether that be calling, writing letters, or showing up for action! As of right now, we don’t have any new updates about our displacement. However, please stay tuned within the next two weeks to hear more about what our future is looking like. We will be taking a much needed break this following week, so please note we will be closed from Nov. 18 - Nov. 27. We will be retuning to the office on November 28th. Again, mil gracias for all you support. It means the world to us!

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