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Sat 7/25 - Sun 9/6
Ecdysis: The Molting of a Cucarachica
Xandra Ibarra

From 2002 to 2012, performance artist Xandra Ibarra’s burlesque persona, La Chica Boom, embodied the experience of racial and sexual abjection. Through combined parody and spectacle, La Chica Boom presented spictacles—performances that engaged hyper-visibility in order to explore the problematic realities of overtly sexualized racial tropes. Following her 2012 solo performance Fuck My Life, Ibarra resolved to abandon the persona of La Chica Boom to explore the possibilities of object-based art to reflect upon performance, ephemera, race, and sexuality.

Ecdysis: The Molting of a Cucarachica explores imagery related to the cucaracha and its life process, ecdysis, in which the insect molts or sheds its exoskeleton or outer skin. The much-stigmatized cucaracha signifies fears of overpopulation, endurance, and infestation for both home and nation. Now the cucaracha directs Ibarra in different, yet equally difficult ways of thinking through a racialized, sexualized existence. Her latest work in photography, video, and installation art reinterprets racialized costume as skin and uses the process of molting to reconsider her own relationship to La Chica Boom.  Like the cucaracha, Ibarra’s own ecdysis results in leaving behind a skin, emerging anew, yet appearing exactly the same as she did before. 

Sat 8/29
LUNADA Literary Lounge ~ Fall 2015 Season Opener
Spoken Word * Música * Open Mic
Featured artists Chhoti Maa, Jason Bayani, and Open Mic with 10 spots on the list, sign-up at 7:15pm
Lunada skyrockets into our Fall 2015 season featuring CHHOTI MAA, whose raps, poems and songs are rooted in her grandmothers’ traditions of storytelling and poetic recitation, and JASON BAYANI, author of Amulet, a Kundiman fellow and veteran of the National Poetry Slam scene. The Lunada OPEN MIC has 10 spots on the list, inviting poets, lyricists, musicians, storytellers, laureates and first-timers to share their inspiration under the lunar spotlight.
Visit our Facebook event page for more information.

Thu 9/24 | 7:00 pm
Aunt Lute Books Presents: Our Indigenous Flesh
Co-sponsored by Galería de la Raza
Join LeAnne Howe (Choctaw, author of Choctalking on Other Realities) and Ire'ne Lara Silva (Xicana, author of Flesh to Bone) as they read from their most recent titles and engage in a far-ranging discussion about the role of literature: in naming, healing, and remembering personal and communal histories; indigenous queerness; and the mystique of women of color writers.

Light refreshments will be provided.

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