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8/7/1982 - 8/31/1982
ASCO '82

Photos, installations, drawings by L.A. conceptual artists ASCO (Harry Gamboa, Patssi Valdez, Gronk); "Strip-tease" played on August 17th.

8/10/1982 - 8/31/1982
John Valadez: Portable Murals

An exhibition of acrylic mural paintings by LA artist John Valadez. Dates are uncertain.

9/11/1982 - 10/16/1982
Cajas y Otras Cosas

An exhibition of box and assemblages made by Amalia Mesa Bains, José Antonio Burciaga, Kate Connell, John Carver, Marta Estrella, Carmen Lomas Garza, Sal García, Mia Galaviz, Rafael Gonzalez, Mildred Howard, José Lerma, Eduardo Pineda, Maria V. Pinedo, Peter Rodriguez, and Hermin Sales. Organized by Ralph Maradiaga.

10/10/1982 - 11/20/1982
Día de los Muertos Exhibition

No further information available.

1/23/1983 - 2/19/1983
Images of the American Indian Movement

Photo documentary exhibition with works by Michelle Vignes, Michel DuBois, and Myron Thomas.

4/13/1983 - 6/4/1983
Santos de New Mexico
An exhibition of carved wooden saints and retablos of Saints. Organized by Ralph Maradiaga and René Yañez.

6/15/1983 - 7/16/1983
Stages: ASCO

Performance art presentations in a gallery setting by LA conceptual artists ASCO (Marisela Norte, Gronk, and Harry Gamboa Jr.) Organized by René Yañez.

9/10/1983 - 10/8/1983

An exhibition of original masks by Zarco Guerrero and Javier Sandoval, and others. Organized by Ralph Maradiaga.

10/25/1983 - 11/12/1983
Día de los Muertos

No further information available.

1/28/1984 - 2/25/1984
New Dimensions in Realism
An exhibition exploring artists working with realist traditions. Including paintings by Davis Maes Gallegos, Daniel Galvez, John Valadez, George Rivera, Ignacio Gómez, Christine Dawson, and Linda Hanson.

3/17/1984 - 4/21/1984
Lisa Kokin's Studio

Works by Lisa Kokin. No further information available.

5/5/1984 - 5/11/1984
Comedy Fiesta

René Yañez produces “Comedy Fiesta” for an irreverent celebration of Cinco de Mayo. The revue features an outrageous repertoire of humor, skits, impersonations, and rap. Original members include Richard Montoya, Ric Salinas, Herbert Siguenza, Monica Palacios, Marga Gomez and José Antonio Burciaga. The group is known as Comedy Fiesta.

6/9/1984 - 7/7/1984
Style and Vision: Two LA Printmakers

An exhibition presenting screenprints and monoprints by Richard (Ricardo) Duardo and Roberto Delgado.

7/21/1984 - 8/18/1984
Artesanía Sorata: Cloth Art of the Andes
An exhibition celebrating the revival of hand-crafted textile arts by the Aymara Indians of Bolivia.

9/8/1984 - 10/20/1984
Contemporary Sculptures and Prints

An exhibition presenting works by Rudy Fernandez and Luis Jimenez.

10/26/1984 - 11/10/1984
Día de los Muertos

An exhibition celebrating the Day of the Dead. Celebration events include a performance entitled Flores para mi abuelo (Teatro).

11/26/1984 - 12/24/1984
Christmas Folk Art

No further information available.

2/22/1985 - 3/23/1985
Border Realities

Video, painting, performance, sculpture, and outdoor mural, panel discussion, photo, and a conceptual installation by the Border Arts Workshop (Isaac Artenstein, David Avalos, Jude Eberhard, Michael Schnorr, Sara Jo Berman, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, and Victor Ochoa).

4/18/1985 - 5/11/1985
3 Rounds on Short Notice

Boxing-themed exhibition with “politics, sports, food, entertainment, drink, music, machismo…and a little art.” Featuring works by Enrique Chagoya, René Castro, and Jos Sances.

Culture Clash

Comedy Fiesta changes its name to Culture Clash. Culture Clash was the first Chicano/Latino comedy-troupe in the US. René Yañez came up with the name. Partly inspired by the band Culture Club, it also signified the culture clash of Latinos against mainstream America, as well as the culture clash between different Latino ethnic groups.

5/10/1985 - 6/1/1985
W x W (Women by Women)

An exhibition presenting works by Amalia Mesa Bains, Dolores Cruz, Celia Rodríguez, Patricia Rodríguez, Linda Vallejo, Judy Baca, Juana Alicia, Yolanda Lopez, Santa Contreras Barraza, Barbara Carrasco, Diane Gamboa, Lorraine García, Carmen Lomas Garza, and Ester Hernandez. Curated by Amalia Mesa-Bains and María V. Pinedo.

6/15/1985 - 7/16/1985
Animal Wood Carvers of New Mexico

An exhibition of wood-carved folk art, photos and negatives by Felipe Archuleta, David Alvarez, and Alfonso Jimenez.

7/27/1985 - 8/24/1985
Avant Garde Mambo Society

Photography and documents of Latino musicians such as Lydia Mendoza, Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri by Puerto Rican conceptual artist Adál.

10/15/1985 - 11/9/1985
14th Annual Día de los Muertos

The Chicano/Latino artworld suffers a loss when Galería's Administrative Director, Ralph Maradiaga, passes away. El Día de los Muertos is dedicated to him. Also: Procession, reception, and paper cut-out workshop with Carmen Lomas Garza.

2/21/1986 - 3/29/1986
Tragedy and Hope: Mexico City Earthquake Relief Project

Installations and photographs of the Mexico City earthquake. Artists: Jorge Acevedo, Ulises Castillanos, Citali Rovirosa, David Goodyear, Arturo Gutiérrez, Guillermo Le Franc, María Rivera, Pedro Valtierra, Enrique Villaseñor, Adriana Williams. Also, an event, The Earthquake Relief Project, by Mexican Museum and Galería included a dinner party, a slide show and a benefit.

3/16/1986 - 6/20/1986
The Everchanging Exhibition

Changing selection of works by Eva C. García and Ramiro Martinez created on location.

4/12/1986 - 5/1/1986
Roots and Wings

An exhibition showing works by Jerry Concha, Carlos Loarca, and Gustavo Rivera.

7/15/1986 - 8/24/1986
South Africa, State of Emergency

Galería on the Nile

Organized by René Yañez and Sal García. No further information available.

10/19/1986 - 11/8/1986
El Día de los Muertos

No further information available.

1/30/1987 - 2/21/1987
Steven Moses: A Memorial Exhibit

An exhibition of paintings, drawings, sculpture and installations.

3/14/1987 - 4/14/1987
Hiroshima and the Contadora Peace Process

An exhibition of photographs by Hiromi Tsuchida and discussions by the "Beyond War" list of Bay Area Hiroshima survivors. Organized by Rene Yañez and Sal García.

5/5/1987 - 6/27/1987
Recuerdos de Frida

Part of A Celebration of Frida Kahlo in conjunction with the Mexican Museum; a mixed-media exhibit of rare photos and original paintings, videos, films, memorabilia. Event: Recollections of Frida: An Evening of Conversation. (Screening of Frida; Naturaleza Viva; Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti; and Life and Death of Frida. Performance by Guadalupe García.

7/17/1987 - 8/14/1987
Art From Jail

Painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, poetry, video and music by artists in residence and students from the arts program at the San Francisco County jail. Organized by Enrique Chagoya.

La Misión Nueva

An exhibition showcasing works by students from SF's Creativity Explored, a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art.

10/13/1987 - 11/14/1987
16th Annual Día de los Muertos

A mixed-media exhibition of artists who have interpreted the theme of Día de los Muertos using traditional and contemporary art forms. Galería held a candlelight procession followed by a Calaca Dance at St. Peter’s Community Hall with music by Los Compas Calacas. Dia de los Muertos events included paper maché workshops by Miguel Linares and master artists from the Linares family.

1/26/1988 - 2/27/1988
From Behind Prison Walls: Art of Puerto Rican Artists.

Organized by Sal García and Enrique Chagoya

3/15/1988 - 4/19/1988
La Cruz: Spiritual Source

A mixed-media exhibit of crosses, from Pre-Columbian times to the present, exploring its symbols in the context of different eras and traditions. Events: a round table discussion with Tomás Ybarra-Frausto. Participating artists: Cristina Emmanuel, Ruben Trejo and Patricia Rodriguez. Curated by Enrique Chagoya.

4/26/1988 - 5/21/1988
Espinas de la Vida/Thorns of Life

An exhibition presenting assemblages, paintings, drawings and installations by Ricardo Anguía and Jaime Palacios.

5/12/1988 - 6/17/1988
Face to Face: Cuban Film Posters

A retrospective of Cuban film posters

6/7/1988 - 7/2/1988
The Defiant Eye: Works by Ester Hernandez

A solo exhibition featuring works by Ester Hernandez. Event: Chicana Artists Forum with Yolanda Lopez, Eva García, Lorraine García and Patricia Rodríguez.

7/19/1988 - 8/13/1988
Magical Visions

Contemporary photography from Mexico; also screening of Chicano films, including A Measure of Time to benefit the Ralph Maradiaga Scholarship Fund.

9/6/1988 - 10/1/1988
Cactus Hearts/Barbed Wire Dreams: Media-Myths and Mexicans

An installation by Yolanda Lopez exploring the stereotypes of Mexicans as portrayed in the media, advertising and common objects. Her video “When you think of Mexico…” had a continuous showing during the exhibit.

10/18/1988 - 11/2/1988
El Día de los Muertos

1/24/1989 - 2/18/1989
Pinturaltura: Vermillion Blues Spilling

An exhibition presenting works by Juana Alicia and Barbara Carrasco.

3/14/1989 - 4/15/1989
Evocando el Paraíso

An exhibition of retablos and works by Puerto Rican artist Cristina Emmanuel.

5/2/1989 - 6/3/1989
Dos Mundos

Monoprints, bas relief sculpture, paintings, photos by Lorraine García and Enrique Vidal.

6/20/1989 - 7/22/1989
The Abstract Print: A Sample of Latin Printmaking

An exhibition of abstract works by Jerry Concha, Nelson Felix, Victoria Jaramillo, Gunther Gerzso, Carlos Pasquetti, Gustavo Rivera, and Patricio Toro. Curated by Aída Gamez.

8/8/1989 - 9/16/1989
Graciela Iturbide: Juchitán de las Mujeres

An exhibition of black and white prints by Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide.

10/10/1989 - 11/4/1989
Día de los Muertos

Day of the Dead celebration that included a procession, an exhibit with altares, papel picado, and illustrations. Artists: Herminia Albarrán, Ann Chamberlain, Mía Gonzalez, Lawrence Herrera, Gonzalo Hidalgo, Amalia Mesa-Bains, Karen Nuñez, Lalo Obregón, Eva García, Victor Zaballa.

1/21/1990 - 2/23/1990
Borderwatch: Five Years Later

Exhibition and performances by members of the the San Diego/Tijuana-based Border Arts Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo (BAW/TAF). Events: reception for book "Reimaging America: The Arts of Social Change" and Border Brujo, a performance by Guillermo Gómez-Peña at the Mission Cultural Center.

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