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10/9/2015 - 11/1/2015
Sugar Skull Workshops with Michele!


Join Michele Simons as she hosts Sugar Skull decorating workshops for Dia del los Muerto's! Get messy with some glitter, glue, and sugar, and have lots of fun!

Friday from 5-9PM On Friday's youth can participate in a workshop for only $6 per person.

Sat-Sun from 12-6PM

10/1/2015 - 2/28/2015
DJ Agana
DJ Agana has lent her mural skills to Galería's digital mural space with a large scale version of images she created to celebrate the Lunanda Literary Lounge 15 year anniversary. The current mural is in place while we, at Galería, work to restore the digital mural structure to a usable state after the vandelism and fire over the summer. 

LUNADA Literary Lounge
Spoken Word * Música * Open Mic
Featured artists ADELA NAJARRO, BENJAMIN BAC SIERRA, and special guest CARLOS KOOKIE GONZALEZ ~ OPEN MIC Sign-up at 7:15pm
LUNADA Literary Lounge
Spoken Word * Música * Open Mic
Sunday, September 27th, 2015, featured artists:
~ OPEN MIC: Sign-up at 7:15pm, 8 spots on the list, 5 min. ea. 
On the evening of a harvest moon total lunar eclipse, LUNADA features artists whose roots and hearts lay deep in the Mission, and whose work exemplifies community and youth empowerment: Published authors and educators Adela Najarro, and Benjamin Bac Sierra, with special guest muralist and percussionist Carlos Kookie Gonzalez, who will share the story of his most recent mural in homage to loved community member DJ Chata Gutierrez. The Lunada OPEN MIC invites poets, lyricists, musicians, storytellers, laureates and first-timers to share their inspiration under the lunar spotlight.

9/24/2015 | 7:00 pm
Aunt Lute Books Presents: Our Indigenous Flesh
Co-sponsored by Galería de la Raza
Join LeAnne Howe (Choctaw, author of Choctalking on Other Realities) and Ire'ne Lara Silva (Xicana, author of Flesh to Bone) as they read from their most recent titles and engage in a far-ranging discussion about the role of literature: in naming, healing, and remembering personal and communal histories; indigenous queerness; and the mystique of women of color writers.

Light refreshments will be provided.

9/16/2015 - 10/25/2015
CURRENT EXHIBITION: "Navigating By Hand"
Lorraine García-Nakata: A Retrospective 1964 - 2015

Exhibition Closing Sunday, Oct. 25

Join García-Nakata at Galería Oct. 21-23 for a 3 day arist-in-residency. 

San Francisco artist Lorraine García-Nakata chose the title Navigating by Hand to describe her retrospective exhibition at Galería de la Raza. The title of the show plays an important role in the experience of viewing García-Nakata’s prolific, comprehensive body of work; it not only draws attention to the intersections of Lorraine’s visual art history, creative processes, cultural and political influences, but also gestures to the multiple mediums and forms in which she works, and the arts career and family she has built by hand.

LUNADA Literary Lounge ~ Fall 2015 Season Opener
Spoken Word * Música * Open Mic
Featured artists Chhoti Maa, Jason Bayani, and Open Mic with 10 spots on the list, sign-up at 7:15pm
Lunada skyrockets into our Fall 2015 season featuring CHHOTI MAA, whose raps, poems and songs are rooted in her grandmothers’ traditions of storytelling and poetic recitation, and JASON BAYANI, author of Amulet, a Kundiman fellow and veteran of the National Poetry Slam scene. The Lunada OPEN MIC has 10 spots on the list, inviting poets, lyricists, musicians, storytellers, laureates and first-timers to share their inspiration under the lunar spotlight.
Visit our Facebook event page for more information.

8/19/2015 | 9:00 pm
¡Miércoles Gigante!
A San Francisco Nightlife Fundraiser for Galeria de la Raza

Join us for the biggest dance club variety show since Sabado Gigante!

Hard French is excited to bring together our favorite nightlife events to raise funds for Galeria de la Raza. In response to the vandalizing of the Por Vida mural, we want to raise visibility of QPOC in the Mission and bring in as much awareness and money as we can for Galeria de la Raza, who have been supporting QPOC/Latino/Chicano artists for over 40 years!

Location: El Rio

Your hosts: Brown Amy and Devon Devine of Hard French

Image: Kari Orvik, Vero Majano, Amy Martinez. "The Q-Sides, Volume 7" (detail). 2015.

Community Forum and Conversation
City College San Francisco Mission Campus

In the past few weeks, Galería de la Raza’s Digital Mural Project, Por Vida has ignited conversations around issues of homophobia, displacement, appropriation and trauma within and outside the Chican@/Latin@ communities.

Since its inception in 1970, Galería has been dedicated to pushing the limits of the art world to be inclusive of multiple narratives, including the marginalized sectors of our communities who have been excluded from the Chican@/Latin@ experience. We engage artists that explore contemporary issues in art, culture and civic society, and advance intercultural dialogue by embracing concepts such as community memory, popular culture, ceremony, family and social activism. It is in this spirit that Galería invited Maricón Collective to create the Por Vida Digital Mural.

The defacement and arson of the Por Vida Digital Mural are tactics of aversion towards Chican@/Latin@ LBGTQ visibility. However, these actions have also created channels of communication between sectors of our communities that need to be heard and discussed in an open platform.  Thus, we have decided to host a community forum/conversation on Saturday, July 25th, 2015, at the City College San Francisco Mission Campus.

The forum will consist of two panels that begin at 10am, followed by ample time for a community conversation mediated using a restorative justice approach by a third party. The panels will address the historical and contemporary role of Galería in the Chican@/Latin@ arts movement; gender identity and sexuality in the Chican@/Latin@ communities; and the trauma and health issues that have been raised in part by the mural. We have reached out to community elders, artists, and activists who work around these issues to speak on these panels and facilitate what we hope will be a meaningful and substantive community conversation.  We will continue to outreach to both supporters and opponents of the mural with the goal to have as many perspectives on the issue.

In the coming days we will provide a program with the speaker bios and outline for the day. Visit our Facebook page to invite people to this important discussion.

7/25/2015 - 9/6/2015
Ecdysis: The Molting of a Cucarachica
Xandra Ibarra

Closing September 6

From 2002 to 2012, performance artist Xandra Ibarra’s burlesque persona, La Chica Boom, embodied the experience of racial and sexual abjection. Through combined parody and spectacle, La Chica Boom presented spictacles—performances that engaged hyper-visibility in order to explore the problematic realities of overtly sexualized racial tropes. Following her 2012 solo performance Fuck My Life, Ibarra resolved to abandon the persona of La Chica Boom to explore the possibilities of object-based art to reflect upon performance, ephemera, race, and sexuality.

Ecdysis: The Molting of a Cucarachica explores imagery related to the cucaracha and its life process, ecdysis, in which the insect molts or sheds its exoskeleton or outer skin. The much-stigmatized cucaracha signifies fears of overpopulation, endurance, and infestation for both home and nation. Now the cucaracha directs Ibarra in different, yet equally difficult ways of thinking through a racialized, sexualized existence. Her latest work in photography, video, and installation art reinterprets racialized costume as skin and uses the process of molting to reconsider her own relationship to La Chica Boom.  Like the cucaracha, Ibarra’s own ecdysis results in leaving behind a skin, emerging anew, yet appearing exactly the same as she did before. 

7/2/2015 | 7:00 pm
The Q-Sides Closing Reception and Artist Talk
Featuring the Singing Bois serenading oldies

Galería de la Raza is pleased to present The Q-Sides, an exhibition of photographs and film that challenge long-held assumptions regarding the traditional exclusivity of heterosexuality in lowrider culture. Artists Vero Majano, DJ Brown Amy (Amy Martinez), and Kari Orvik reinterpret the album covers of East Side Story, Volumes 1-12 through a re-staging and re-imagining of queer inclusion within the traditionally heterosexual public image of lowrider culture. 

6/17/2015 - 7/18/2015
Statement in Response to the Derogatory Comments, Threats, and Vandalism
Maricón Collective and The Q-Sides

UPDATE: Community Forum

The community forum originally scheduled for July 18 has been rescheduled to July 25. We will be posting complete details about the forum here, on social media, and via email in the coming days. Thank you for your patience while we work to make sure this forum benefits the community in the best possible way.

Please click the image for more information.

6/13/2015 | 5:00 pm
Everybody's Bread: A Poetry Reading by Claudia Rodriguez
Poetry Reading
Claudia Rodriguez’s debut collection of poetry Everybody's Bread (Kórima Press), is as much a welcoming as it is an introduction to her voice, her counter narratives of Compton, the love for mother, scars of poverty and the freedom she finds in expressing her sex, sensuality and love. 

6/5/2015 - 7/17/2015
Maricón Collective
Digital Mural

Galería de la Raza is pleased to announce its newest digital mural installation, Por Vida, a work by Manuel Paul of the Los Angeles-based Maricón Collective. Timed in honor of San Francsico Pride Month and inspired by the dedicated work of Queer People of Color, Paul’s art celebrates achievement and strength in the LBGT community.


5/27/2015 - 7/19/2015
The Q-Sides
Contemporary Photography

Exhibition Closing on Sunday, July 19.

Galería de la Raza is pleased to present The Q-Sides, an exhibition of photographs and film that challenge long-held assumptions regarding the traditional exclusivity of heterosexuality in lowrider culture. Artists Vero Majano, DJ Brown Amy (Amy Martinez), and Kari Orvik reinterpret the album covers of East Side Story, Volumes 1-12 through a re-staging and re-imagining of queer inclusion within the traditionally heterosexual public image of lowrider culture. 

5/14/2015 | 6:30 pm
SF Flor y Canto State of Emergency Reading
Poetry Reading
This dynamic reading features word warriors Benjamin Bac Sierra, Maurisa Thompson, Yosimar Reyes, Terrilyn R. Woodfin, Garrett Murphy, and Ana Clarissa Rojas Durazo. As our communities continue to face heinous police and state violence, we literally find ourselves in a State of Emergency. 

Curated by Amalia Alvarez, please join us for poetic performances that will give voice to the on-going state sponsored bloodshed, and also provide visions for a more beautiful and just future.

5/4/2015 | 7:30 pm
Lunada Literary Lounge ~ May 2015
Spoken Word * Música * Open Mic

Featured poets Naomi Helena Quiñonez, MK Chavez, and music by David El

Lunada’s 15th year quinceañera celebration continues in May with award winning poet, scholar, and Lunada madrina, Naomi Helena Quiñonez. Also sharing the lunar spotlight are MK Chavez, poet and co-curator of the Bay Area literary series Lyrics & Dirges, along with musical performance by singer/guitarist David El. Our open mic is the voice of the gente, where first timers, veteranos, laureates, and musicians are all welcome.

4/25/2015 | 7:00 pm
"Maestra" Film Screening and Discussion wih Director Catherine Murphy
A fundraiser for Modern Times
Cuba, 1961: Thousands of teenage girls join the national campaign for literacy. Together they helped teach their country to read and write. Their lives would never be the same...

Join us as we screen the 33 minute documentary film featuring present day interviews with women who volunteered to teach their country to read. Director Catherine Murphy will be onhand to discuss the film and the new book, Un año sin domingos.

4/18/2015 | 3:00 pm
Galería de la Raza Limited Hours
Saturday, April 18

Galería de la Raza will will be closing early on Saturday April 18.

Main Gallery Hours: 12-3PM ($5.00 entrance fee)

Studio 24 Hours: 12-6PM

4/17/2015 | 6:30 pm
Andres Montoya: The Iceworker's Legacy

This reading celebrates the lasting legacy and influence of the late poet Andres Montoya (1968-1999). Featuring three readings by artists with direct connections to Andres: his brother the painter and author Maceo Montoya, the Poet Laureate of San Antonio Laurie Ann Guerrerro, and the poet David Campos. In 2014, Maceo published a book titled Letters to the Poet from His Brother, a collection of reflective essays on the loss of Andres and his relationship with their father, the artist Malaquias Montoya. 

RSVP via the Facebook event page:

4/11/2015 - 5/31/2015
IN REFERENCE TO: Mexican Women of San Francisco
Digital Mural by Alejandra Regalado

In honor of the work resulting from Alejandra Regalado’s 2014 Artist-In-Residency Project, In Reference To, Galería de la Raza presents the latest digital mural, which features photos from her work in San Francisco. The series of photos taken during Regalado’s time in in the city represents one part of a six-part series, from six different cities, culminating in the portraits of 500 Mexican immigrant women as well as an accompanying 500 images of singular objects selected by each woman as a reminder of her life left behind in Mexico. In Reference To explores the experience of Mexican female immigrants across America and investigates issues of cultural identity and femininity.

4/4/2015 | 7:00 pm
LUNADA Literary Lounge ~ Quinceañera Celebration

Celebrating 15 years of lunar literary ritual: Spoken Word, Música and Open Mic.  

GALERIA DE LA RAZA and LUNADA LITERARY LOUNGE invite you to celebrate the Lunada Quinceañera - Saturday, April 4, 2015, 7:00PM - 10:30PM, featuring spoken word, teatro, performance, and música, with:

~ Marc David Pinate
~ Marga Gomez
~ Ricky Saenz
~ Nancy Aidé González
~ Live Music by La Mixta Criolla
~ Special appearances by Sean San Jose, Norman Zelaya, and additional poets and performers, madrinas and padrinos, who have blessed the Lunada stage over the years.

~ Host & Curator: Sandra Garcia Rivera
~ A fundraising event, tickets are $15 per person ( Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 7:30pm, with featured performers followed by live band. 

4/2/2015 - 5/9/2015
EXISTE LO QUE TIENE NOMBRE: Contemporary Photography in Mexico

Existe lo que Tiene Nombre: Contemporary Photography in Mexico, an exhibition guest-curated by Sergio de la Torre and Javier Ramírez Limón, features the diverse work of 22 contemporary Mexican photographers, both emerging and established.

Addressing the question of how photos influence our understanding of reality, photographers in this exhibition explore the central issue surrounding photographic representation of the subject.

The complete portfolio of artwork from Existe lo que Tiene Nombre is co-presented by Galería de la Raza and San Francisco Camerawork.

4/1/2015 - 5/30/2015
S24 presents African Indigenous Swag
by Azteca Negra, Tres Mercedes, and Soldadera

For the 2015 launch of Studio 24 Presents, Galería de la Raza welcomes local Bay Area artists working with textiles: Azteca Negra, Soldadera and Tres Mercedes. These three artists work with fabrics and patterns that reference their Afro-Indigenous histories and bring them into contemporary urban objects and merchandize. The hand made objects recall histories of liberation, honor, pride, boldness, resistance, revolution and spiritual meanings. The showcased items are firmly rooted in identity and merge culture, modern art, geometric principles and traditional textiles that are incorporated in shoes, hats, earrings, and scarves, amongst many other items that celebrate and share traditional and modern art-form practices, beliefs, and positive messages.

3/12/2015 - 4/9/2015
Basta de sus miradas subversivas, cobardes, de su violencia machista
Digital Mural

About the Artist:

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, a native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's work moves effortlessly between the street and the gallery. Whether using printers and wheat paste or oil paint on canvas, Fazlalizadeh adds her imagery to a national and international dialogue about conflict in public spaces, such as police violence against black people, the Arab Spring uprisings, or sexual violence against women. 

3/5/2015 | 7:30 pm
Lunada Literary Lounge & Open Mic
International Women’s Month

Raina J. Leon
Barbara Jane Reyes
Ruby Mountain
Champaña Perez

During Mes Internacional de la Mujer, of Lunada’s quinceañera year, we feature four fierce mujeres, gifted and accomplished in the arts of poetry, cuento, and song. Featured poets Raina J. Leon and Barbara Jane Reyes are trailblazers of contemporary American publishing representing Latin@ and Filipin@ voices and experience. Singer/Songwriter Ruby Mountain shares original music inspired by Afghan culture, dance, and soul music. Special guest Champaña Perez - entrepreneur, performer, multimedia visual artist, and recent SoCal transplant - shares her work, and word of groundbreaking new projects she is conjuring in the Bay.

Open Mic sign-up is at 7:15pm, veteranos, first timers, and musicians always welcome. 

Host & Curator: Sandra Garcia Rivera

3/5/2015 - 5/7/2015
Off Your Chest and Onto the Stage!

Are you holding inside pent-up emotions about a fast transforming community landscape, evictions, police brutality... do you have powerful stories to share and just can't find the way to get them out... or have you been thinking about performing for a long time and never quite found the time or resources to do it...?

3/4/2015 - 5/20/2015 | 7:30 pm
Bomba Dance Classes with Taller Bombalele
Bomba Dance Classes with Taller Bombalele

This dance class teaches the basics of Puerto Rican Bomba customs through Dance, Percussion, and Song. The  traditional folkloric music of Bomba is a blend of the three cultures of the Island of Puerto Rico, African, Spanish, and Taino. Bomba is a challenge/connection between the drummer and the dancer, in which the dancer produces a series of gestures with a skirt or with their feet and hands in which the drummer provides a synchronized beat.

Artistic Leadership: 
Denise Solis, Musical Director
Julia C. Cepeda, Choreographer Director

For additional information please contact Abby Hernández at or call (415) 826-8009.

2/27/2015 | 7:00 pm
Banned Book Book Club: POC Edition
Public Literary Event

The Banned Book Book Club celebrates the rich history of banned and challenged book! Each month Radar chooses a theme and asks some of our favorite artists to read from their favorite banned or challenged books. For the month of FEBRUARY, RADAR partners with Galeria de la Raza to bring you some of our most beloved writers who will read from banned or challenged books written by people of color! 

Host: Virgie Tovar

Location: Galeria de la Raza

Featuring readings by: Rina Ayuyang, Juliana Delgado, MariNaomi, Mason J, and Maya Chincilla 

Visit the Facebook event page for more info.

2/3/2015 | 7:30 pm
LUNADA Literary Lounge ~ 2015 SEASON OPENER
Celebrating 15 Years of Spoken Word, Música, & Open Mic

Lunada 2015 Spring Season Opener, featuring:
~ John Jota Leaños
~ Crystal Gonzalez
~ Open Mic: 8 slots | 5 min. ea. | Sign-up at 7:15pm.

Lunada’s Spring season opener will feature cartoons and visual storytelling, with artists whose works spans the genres of animation, film, print, performance, new media, and beyond. Guest curator, and social art practitioner, John Jota Leaños will show two of his latest animations, and graphic novelist Crystal Gonzalez will share her own cartoon, followed by a Q&A with the artists. Our Open Mic is the heart of the show, where we elevate bilingual spoken word, música, performance, and storytelling, from first timers to veteranos, laureates to lunáticos, every full moon, at Lunada.

12/22/2014 - 1/6/2014
Galeria Closed for the Holidays

Galería de la Raza and Studio 24 will be closed from December 22 through January 6. We will resume our normal business hours on Wednesday, January 7, 2015.

We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. 

We look forward to an exciting 2015!

12/6/2014 | 7:30 pm
LUNADA Literary Lounge ~ 2014 SEASON CLOSER
Spoken Word * Música * Open Mic
Fall 2014 Season Closer featuring Guillermo Gomez Peña, Adrian Arias, and Julia Caridad Cepeda

12/6/2014 - 1/23/2015
DOC/UNDOC | Documentado/Undocumented Ars Shamánica Performática

Galería de la Raza is pleased to host the collaborative project, DOC/UNDOC: Documentado/Undocumented Ars Shamánica Performática. The exhibition presents the relief prints and typographic book work of Felicia Rice, featuring the performance text of artist and activist Guillermo Gómez-Peña and critical commentary by art historian and educator Jennifer Gonzáles, in conjunction with video installation by artist and documentarian Gustavo Vasquez, and sound art by composer Zachary Watkins

Public Programming Dates:

Exhibition opening: Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 6:00PM Guillermo Gómez-Peña Performance on the development and realization of DOC/UNDOC, with Guillermo Gómez-Peña

Saturday evening public programs:
December 13, 2014 at 7PM: Gustavo Vazquez Experimental video and reflections on collaborative processes in art-making, with Gustavo Vazquez

January 10, 2015 at 7PM: Felicia Rice An exploration of the the book artist as performance artist, with Felicia Rice


11/15/2014 | 4:30 pm
Hilos de Amor
Benefit for the Chicana Latina Foundation & Instituto Familiar de la Raza

Galería will host this one-day exhibition of exquisit handmade huipiles and textiles from Mexico and Guatemala.  Hilos de Amor celebrates Indígena textile artists who work from a long line of ancient knowledge and skills that have been carefully handed, generation-by-generation, from mother to daughter. Hilos de Amor is curated by Patricia Rodriguez.

Viva La Vida: An Evening of Remembrance and Celebration

Join Galería de la Raza for our annual Dia de los Muertos celebration and fundraiser.

This year as part of our Public Programs we will be presenting a FREE community gathering entitled: Creating Sacred Space MC/Host by Sandra Garcia Rivera. Later in the evening join us for Bailando con Nuestros Muertos: A Galería De La Raza Fundraiser Showcasing a stellar line up. Proceeds will go to support Galería’s programs. Click the image for more information.

11/2/2014 - 11/15/2014
No Justice, No Peace
By Oree Originol

No Justice, No Peace was created by artist Oree Origianol and was inspired by his latest body of work Justice For Our Lives (JFOL). JFOL, is a series of portraits of people from marginalized communities who have lost their lives due state violence and hate crimes.

11/2/2014 - 3/11/2015
No Justice, No Peace
By Oree Originol

No Justice, No Peace, created by artist Oree Origianol, was inspired by his latest body of work: Justice For Our Lives (JFOL). JFOL is a series of portraits of individuals from marginalized communities who have lost their lives due to state violence or hate crimes.  This digital mural represents a central component of our Day of the Dead event, Creating Sacred Space, in which we honor those who have succumbed to injustice.

10/25/2014 - 11/1/2014
Proudly Trans* Art Activism
Gabrielle Le Roux and Julio Salgado

Galería de la Raza presents Gabrielle Le Roux and Julio Salgado for a week-long public installation featuring their recent films which stem from their work in community organizing and documentary action.

October 27th: 7:30 pm (please note the new date for this event)

Panel discussion with: Gabrielle Le Roux, Julio Salgado and LGBTQIA activists.


10/8/2014 | 7:30 pm
Lunada ~ Literary Lounge & Open Mic
Spoken Word * Música * Open Mic
This fall, Lunada Literary Lounge, embarks on an artistic rite of passage, marking 15 years as the Bay Area’s only full moon bilingual literary ritual and performance gathering dedicated to spoken word, music, storytelling and performance.
In the Quinceañera tradition, throughout the year, the Lunada will acknowledge and feature Madrinas and Padrinos: artists and leaders who - through poetry, song, film, and narrative - reflect the creative and artistic spirit of the Lunada, including Guillermo Gomez Peña, Nina Serrano, Achy Obejas, Marc David Pinate, Aurora Guerrero, and many more. 

Featured artists Nina Serrano / Dylan Amaro-McIntyre / Alejandra Mojica

10/4/2014 - 11/2/2014
Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls
Decorate your own Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

Sugar Skull Decorating Workshops for the month of October until Nov. 2nd

Sundays (Starting Oct. 4th) 11am to 4pm 
Fridays (Starting October 10th) 4pm to 9pm
Saturdays (Starting October 11) 4pm to 9pm

Friday's 4pm - 9pm

Saturday and Sunday 12pm - 5pm

10/4/2014 - 11/9/2014
Ralph Maradiaga | Sun in Scorpio
An Unerring Gift of Leadership

The exhibition features the art of one of Galería’s co-founders, the late Ralph Maradiaga, and is guest-curated by Dr. Amalia Mesa-Bains.

In observance of Galería de la Raza’s 44th anniversary, we pause to honor and reflect on the contributions and visions of one of our own: Ralph Maradiaga. His unerring gift of leadership combined with his own unique talents and skills contributed greatly to the broader understanding of Chicano/Latino art and subsequently cemented the Latino presence on both the national and international art scenes.

9/20/2014 - 9/21/2014
Cine+Mas 2014 Latino Film Festival
Not So Short Shorts Program: Chub, Irene, Milk & Honey, Velasco

Galería is happy to continue our partnership with Cine+Mas SF Latino Film Festival by hosting a series of short film screenings on September 20-21. These films promise to entertain and provoke thought and dialogue.

9/11/2014 | 7:00 pm
Reading and Q&A with LeAnne Howe
Join LeAnne Howe for a reading from her new book, Choctalking on Other Realities, followed by a Q&A session.

9/8/2014 | 7:30 pm
Lunada ~ Literary Lounge & Open Mic
FALL 2014 SEASON OPENER ~ Honoring our San Jose Roots

Featuring Yosimar Reyes, Lorenz Mazon Dumuk, Melissa Lozano, & Maribel Martinez

In Fall 2014, Lunada Literary Lounge embarks on an artistic rites of passage, marking 15 years as the Bay Area’s only full moon bilingual literary ritual and performance gathering. As we celebrate our own Quinceañera - coming of age as a community event dedicated to spoken word, music, storytelling and performance - our Season Opener is dedicated to Lunada’s San Jose roots, where this lunar Bay Area tradition began. All of the featured artists performing at this event are from San Jose: Yosimar Reyes, who joins us a guest curator, as well as Lorenz Mazon DumukMelissa Lozano, and Maribel Martínez.

OPEN MIC sign up at 7:15pm (8 slots)
Show starts at 7:30pm
$5.00 Admission

Host & Curator: Sandra García Rivera

8/9/2014 | 7:00 pm
Dancing with Desire: Chicana Lesbians in Contemporary Cinema
Erica Gomez in conversation with Raquel Gutiérrez

Join Queer Cultural Center (QCC) and Galería De La Raza for an Emerging Scholars conversation with Erica Gomez on her thesis project "Dancing with Desire" a work that argues that desire is an embodied and affective language that can be used to reclaim ancestral archives, communicate lesbian desire through dance, and recreate cultural connections through music and dialogue. The conversation will be lead by QCC board member, Raquel Gutiérrez.

RSVP via Facebook

8/9/2014 | 12:00 pm
Women Are Perfect (If You Let Them!)
Exhibition and Opening Reception BBQ

Women’s bodies are a site for incendiary, transformative art as a humanizing conversation between the viewer and the audience. Artist Jessica Sabogal’s latest series of paintings “Women Are Perfect! (If You Let Them)” is the beginning of a campaign for radical understanding, self-expression and a movement for the evolution of natural identity and body justice.

Opening Reception BBQ: August 9 at 12pm

Music by: DJ Wonway

Jessica SABOGAL, 2014, Artist in Residence
Jessica SABOGAL, 2014, Artist in Residence
8/9/2014 - 9/30/2014
Women Are Perfect (If You Let Them!)
Studio 24 Exhibition
Artist Jessica Sabogal’s latest series of paintings “Women Are Perfect! (If You Let Them)” is the beginning of a campaign for radical understanding, self-expression and a movement for the evolution of natural identity and body justice.

8/3/2014 | 12:00 pm
Day of the Dead Preparation & Sugar Skull Production

We will be making sugar skulls from scratch, community members are welcomed and encouraged to stop by and help out. Come play with sugar and help us get ready for a SWEET Dia de los Muertos! 

This event is free and open to the public.

8/2/2014 - 9/19/2014
Carving Through Borders
Gallery Exhibition

#CarvingThroughBorders project is a collection of 13 oversized woodblock prints with pro-migrant messaging commissioned by CultureStrike.

Undocumented and documented artists from the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York and Florida were asked to illustrate various aspects of migration with a local, national or worldwide scope: detention, deportation, displacement, discrimination, exploitation, violence, youth, criminalization, legalization, economic and ecological brutality wherever and however it occurs.

Artists: Santi Armengod, Felipe Baeza, Carol Montes, Julio Salgado, Favianna Rodriguez, Susalita Cortez, Oree Originol, Chucha Marquez, Imin Yeh, Emory Douglas, James Williams, Rommy Enciso, DJ Agana, Erin Yoshi

8/2/2014 - 11/1/2014
Blooming In The Midst of Gentrification
Digital Mural
"Blooming In The Midst of Gentrification" is a collaboration between youth from People Organizing to Demand Environmental & Economic Rights (P.O.D.E.R.), Galeria De La Raza and CultureStrike. 

Fiestas Fridas
Film Screening

$10 entrance fee collected at the door.

We honor the life of the artist with a visual retelling of her life. The first ever Frida Kahlo documentary “The Life and Death of Frida Kahlo as told to David and Karen Crommie” of San Francisco. A 1976 documentary with interviews of the eleven people that knew Frida best. Before Salma Hayek produced her iconic film Frida, there was Frida - Naturaleza Viva/Frida - Still Life. Ofelia Medina took on the epic role at the direction of Paul Leduc; considered a classic in Mexican cinematic history. The film evokes memories of Frida's childhood, of the streetcar accident that caused her terrible pain and affliction, her friendship with Trotsky and painter Alfaro Siqueiros, her marriage to Diego Rivera, her miscarriage, her political commitment and her love affairs. Featuring live art, music and a toast the Mother of all who survive and thrive.


6/20/2014 | 10:00 pm
Qumbia Qrew Fundraiser for Galería de la Raza
Dance Party | Fundraiser
Queer and trans-inclusive, poc-centered dance benefit to raise awareness of issues impacting our communities, proceeds support the work of organizations and groups.

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Galería de la Raza: an Interdisciplinary Chicano/Latino Space for Art, Thought and Activism
2857 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 click here for directions to galería